Introducing: Cataclysm and Co-op - Update 2.05 - LIVE NOW!

NEW Map Variant: Cataclysm

  • Orbital Drill has taken on a whole new look and a whole new gameplay with the new Map Variant, Cataclysm.
  • So what goes on in Cataclysm?
    • During Hunt matches meteors will fall from the sky that both damage (orange) and heal (green) Hunters and Monsters.
    • These meteors will leave a damage over time (orange) or heal over time (green) effect after they explode on impact.
    • The meteors will spawn randomly over the course of a match, but once a Dome fight begins the meteors frequency will increase during Dome fights to create a hectic fight between Hunters and Monsters.
    • The Map has gone through a completely new art pass to create a world that has been engulfed by hellfire.
  • This Map Variant will show up in Hunt and Co-op matchmaking only.

Check out cataclysm here:

NEW Co-op vs AI Matchmaking Mode

  • Hunters can queue up alone or with friends as a 4-Hunter squad to fight AI Monsters
  • All Progression and Silver Key rewards can still be earned in Co-op matchmaking
  • We have made numerous improvements to the AI to create a better experience when playing against AI Monsters
  • What’s next with Co-op vs AI?
    • This is just our first step into Co-op with Evolve Stage 2.
    • As Shear Madness continues we’ll be adding in new map variations which will show up in the Co-op vs AI matchmaking queue.

Featured Character “Try Now” and “Buy Now” Main Menu Selection

  • From the main menu players will be able to select between “Try Now” and “Buy Now” buttons to give the newest characters landing in Stage 2 a try and if you like them, easily unlock them from the main menu!

Markov and Goliath Tutorials are now required before playing Multiplayer

  • We are now forcing the Goliath and Markov tutorials before players can enter multiplayer.
    • Players will still be able to play Co-op vs AI and Custom games, but general Hunt matchmaking will require this to be completed before it is unlocked.
    • If you’ve already played through them, you won’t have to play through the tutorials again. This is only for players who have not gone through the Markov and Goliath tutorials.

UI Info Overlays added to Character Select

  • We’ve heard from all over our community a request for more information in character select and now it is finally live!
    • After selecting a character, hitting the ability info button will give players a bit more info on the character before landing into a Hunt match.


Balance Changes


  • Dome Rules

    • Incap dome lock out time increased to 13 seconds from 10
  • Dropship Timer

    • Time for downing (incap) a Hunter increased to 15 seconds from 11
  • Wildlife

    • Reaver health reduced to 25 from 50
    • Reaver elite health reduced to 50 from 125
    • Blitz leopard health reduced to 100 from 154



  • Traversal recharge time decreased to 16 seconds from 17


  • Supernova damage increased to 60|60|66 from 55|55|60.5
  • Decoy no longer lasts longer than intended

Slot 1 (Minor) Perks

  • Leg Breaker damage over time reduced to 5|7|8 from 5|7.5|10
  • Leg Breaker jump height reduction reduced to 50%|70%|80% from 60%|70%|80%
  • Hunger feeding speed reduced to 27.5%|32.5%|37.5% from 20%|30%|40%
  • Savage Nature climb speed increased to 6%|9%|12% from 4%|8%|12%
  • Savage Nature feed speed increased to 13%|17%|20% from 10%|15%|20%
  • Savage Nature Smell range increased to 13%|17%|20% from 10%|15%|20%

Slot 2 (Major) Perks

  • Fly Swatter damage over time reduced to 8|9|10 from 9|11||13
  • Fly Swatter flight reduction to 20%|25%|30% from 30%|35%|40%
  • Mutated claws damage per second reduced to 13.5|15|19 from 13.5|18|22.5
  • Feral Instincts climb speed increased to 12.5%|15%|20% from 10%|15%|20%
  • Feral Instincts feed speed increased to 20%|30%|40% from 25%|32.5%|40%
  • Feral Instincts Smell range increased to 20%|30%|40% from 25%|32.5%|40%

Slot 3 (Superior) Perks

  • Grounder duration reduced to 1.5 from 2
  • Evolved claw damage per second reduced to 23|26|30 from 28|32|36
  • Savage nature feed speed increased to 50%|55%|60% from 40%|50%|60%



  • Lightning Gun damage per second reduced to 180 from 200

Blitz Markov

  • Tesla Gun damage per second increased to 140|165|250|275 from 125|150|250|275


  • Heal Burst Incap heal reduced to 300 from 330
  • Heal Burst self heal reduced to 175 from 185
  • Heal Burst heal other reduced to 200 from 218
  • Leech Gun min and max spread reduced to 5 from 6


  • Self Shield Burst amount reduced to 575 from 625


  • Machine pistol damage reduced to 13 from 16.7

Electro Griffin

  • Sound Spike plant delay reduced to 1 second from 1.5
  • Stasis rounds climb speed modifier reduced to 25% from 35%


  • Stasis Grenades climb speed modifier reduced to 25% from 30%


  • Stasis Gun climb speed modifier reduced to 25% from 35%

Slot 1 (Minor) Perks

  • Destructive Force damage increase reduced to 1%|2%|3% from 2%|3%|4%
  • Afterburners jetpack thrust modifier reduced to 2.5%|3.5%|4.5% from 3%|4%|5%
  • Gunslinger item swap speed reduced to 10%|20%|27.5% from 10%|20%|30%

Slot 2 (Major) Perks

  • Lethal Force damage increase reduced to 6%|7%|8% from 7%|8%|9%
  • Focused Thrusters jetpack thrust modifier reduced to 3%|4.5%|6% from 3%|5%|7.5%
  • Poisonous Rounds damage per second reduced to 4|5|6 from 5|6|7
  • Energy capacity reduced to 7.5%|11%|13.5% from 10%|13%|15%
  • Bounty Hunter item swap speed reduced to 47.5%|55%|60% from 50%|60%|70%
  • Reloader reload speed reduced to to 8%|9.5%|11% from 8%|10%|12%

Slot 3 (Superior) Perks

  • Extra Force damage increase reduced to 6%|7%|8% from 7%|8%|9%
  • Overthrusters jetpack thrust modifier reduced to 7%|8.5%|10% from 7.5%|10%|12.5%
  • Acidic Rounds damage per second reduced to 9|10|12 from 10|12|14
  • Superior Energy capacity reduced to 14%|19%|22% from 16%|20%|25%
  • Speedloader reload modifier reduced 10%|13%|16% from 10%|14%|18%

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue with Decoy lasting longer than intended.
  • Fixed issues with Abduction where it would not grab Hunters when intended.
  • Fixed an issue when observing Electro Griffin where he would T-pose while jetpacking.
  • Fixed an issue where Quantum Caira’s weapon radial would not properly show which type of grenade she is using.
  • Users can no longer get extra keys by changing their roles after they get into the character select screen.

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