Introducing Caira the medic


Commentary Vid

No commentary - From Cabots POV

Sorry if its already been posted! Couldt see anything. THIS is going to be my main character

“Never want to not be firing grenades” - Best.Medic.Ever. Also look at that cheeky smile shes got going on there! I can just see her thinking “That mother is gonna burn!”

TRS can we get another 2K video for Caira to showcase her a bit more like you did for Cabot?

EDIT ------------------------

Caira’s info page is up -

also a new 12-13min length vid

Enjoy fellow hunters!


Yes! Been looking forward to this since the month started :slight_smile:


Posted on both of these :slight_smile:


My only complaint is that I wish the video was longer. :frowning:


Damn my bad : (


Not a big deal :slight_smile: we can still talk about caira here if you want.

Stronger then the other 2, most likely will be the most played in solo games ( premade maybe lazarus ).


Even premade im going Caira.

I knew since the original teaser/reveal of the T3 hunters it was a High Chance Caira would be the character I play the most, A medic WITH a grenade launcher. I also love the speed boost utility.


I wouldn’t call her stronger, definitely the strongest healer if you aim well but you may often have to ask allies to ground themselves. Speed boost looks pretty great. She might be my favourite medic over Val (sorry Laz), though to be fair Caira gets bonus points for the cute name :slight_smile:


True Story, its a cool Name according to IGNs page she is the medic who can deal most damage (Im guessing this is subject to no sniper marks procced with the other two) and she seems to be a decent healer as well - Providing you can aim


She reminds me of Kaori from SSX tricky.


good man, keeping an eye on ign for me


No dramas, I knew as soon as I saw her I was gonna keep an eye out!

edit added 2nd vid with no commentary


she looks amazing, well done TRS, I think she will be my default


This Is why im preodering from GAME in UK, if you unlock by going through tiers of hunters GAME gives instant access to T2 meaning I can get Caira quicker


Good idea! I might switch my pre order :smile:


Also just incase my first one was missed! TRS can we get a gameplay vid of Caira from you guys or 2K like you did for Cabot? This reveal was WAAAAYYYYY to short for the awesomness of this Hunter


Actually this won’t be the case I believe. You get 2 tier unlocked with the pre-order, but you don’t automatically get tier 1 with all masteries unlocked. In order to get tier 3, I believe you first need to get all the masteries for tier 1 and 2 unlocked. Which means regardless if you got tier 2 unlocked from the get go, you will first have to play with all the characters roughly the same amount of time as everyone else in order to get tier 3.


…Don’t start the ‘ign’ sucks train again >.< just wait until friday.


Ive been quite happy with IGN’s coverage actually : D no hat trains here, I just want more Caira.


I want a hat train, though…

Edit - How dare you edit that comment to be correct >_>