Introduce yourself thread!


Hello Evolve community.

I just joined the forums and was catching up on some reading and I did not see a thread for introductions. I thought it would be a good idea to make a post to give people an opportunity to introduce themselves to the community. I have found from past experiences on forums, an introduction post is a really good way to further bring a community together. So I hope some of you members and devs will share a little about yourselves… I will start!

My name is TEKNOC, I am almost 30 and I have been a gamer since Doom. I have pretty much only played FPS games and I got into the “pro scene” in my teens. I competed at QuakeCon for Quake 3 Arena, and Enemy Territory Quake Wars… I then moved on to CoD4 (for PC) and playing in a few minor tournaments for that as well. I have ran my own clan for 7 years and we have kept a solid roster that whole time. We are most “well known” for the Steam Source mod NeoTokyo where our team “Zanshi” never lost a single scrimmage or tourney for the small amount of time that game had a competitive scene. I have played almost every major FPS game over the last 10 years and Evolve is top of my list right now. My clan plans to compete in Evolve if the game has a competitive scene and I plan to invest as much time into the game as my wife will allow! (haha)

I hope to be a respected member of the Evolve community as well as the competitive scene. If you are interested in playing the game with some experienced FPS dudes please feel free to message me. We are looking for more people. I warn you, we are all 25+ though! :smile:

In my non-gamer life, I am a video game industry veteran. I am a character artist and have worked for Disney, Rooster Teeth productions and a few smaller studios. My wife is also an industry person, her most notable accolade was working on Vigil games’ DarkSiders 2 as an environment artist before THQ went under.

Thank you for reading my post. I look forward to interacting and hanging out with you all! :smile:

A little about yourself

Hey! Nice to meet you @TEKNOC!

[quote=“TEKNOC, post:1, topic:1381”]
I plan to invest as much time into the game as my wife will allow!
[/quote] Haha! Don’t neglect loved ones, as always :smile: She worked on Darksiders 2? Sounds like a cool lady.

Really cool to hear about your background, and looking forward to having you in the community. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me with questions!

As for me – I come from a very varied background, from games retail, to development, to journalism, and now community. Turtle Rock Studios is amazing, so honored to be part of this. Fun fact: I’ve lived in Japan and speak Japanese! Some of you already know this…

Everyone – We definitely want you to get to know each other just always be very wary of sharing detailed personal information, please! General information like Teknoc just shared is a perfect example.


Well, my story is nowhere near as amazing as TEKNOC’s. He set a high bar. I’m 21, 22 when Evolve releases. I grew up an Army brat so I’ve been all over the US. From Cali to Arkansas to Florida to Washington and many others. My first console was an N64. Since then, I’ve grown up with Nintendo & Sony. I love most FPS games and RTS games are my favorite (ironically RTS is a very niche genre on consoles) I’m a big Star Wars and WW2 nerd. (Hoping the WW2 era makes a comeback in games). My biggest gaming achievements? I platnumed COD 5 WAW (actually one of the hardest games to plat) and I’m a moderator on here

In my personal life, I worked at a Domino’s Pizza restaurant for 1.5 years as a delivery driver and 1 year as an assistant manager. I am currently working at a FedEx authorized shipping center and have been here almost a year now.


Nice to read up on some of people here.

A bit about myself – I’ve been drawn to this game because of Capcom’s Monster Hunter series. I’ve been wishing that game would grow and develop more but as you know Capcom likes to make the same game over and over again. I’m 31 years old and I’m a writer, author, artist, and gamer. I used to work for the gaming industry as a 3D Digital Artist but left the industry because I realized it wasn’t for me.Since then I’ve started my own Tech Support business and been striving to finish my novel series, which has been in major production as of 2012.

I still find time for games but my enthusiasm has faded heavily due to the twisted politics of the industry and the increasing steep investment each new game demands of my wallet. I remain hopeful for better things and hope that perhaps I can have a positive influence during early test phases, but even that is not sure-fire. The last Alpha I was in was Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – which was a lot of fun even with it’s limited content. Hopefully I can join you guys on this one.


Total nerd here. Also turning 30 soon. Been gaming since SNES and addicted ever since. I gravitate towards PC gaming mostly and was a huge L4D fan. Currently though, Nintendo has drawn me and my girlfriend in with Mario Kart.

I will be playing on PC. Steam ID is sh0ryn0t


My wife and I just got a WiiU as well… Mario Kart has become a staple of our evenings. After being such a die hard FPS player for years, I have to say the change is rather nice. :smile:


@TEKNOC What’s your ID? Perhaps we can race sometime. I recently got a WiiU myself because of MK8 and Hyrule Warriors.


Hello there, @TEKNOC! Glad to have you here! Here’s my introduction to you all!

I am SlinkyGuy, I am 23 years of age, 24 this Christmas Day, and I currently reside in Great Britain in some small town that’s sort of like the exact same town from Hot Fuzz!

I’ve been gaming since I can remember, I started out with a Game Boy and ended up just basically gaming on the PC and Xbox One!

I’ve been looking forward to Evolve since it was announced because I really enjoyed the concept of four player Hunters going up against an actual player controlled boss Monster! As soon as the Evolve website added a forum, I immediately hopped right in to talk about the game and have made some great friends along the way!

Apart from all that, my outside life mainly consists of working at least 7:00am every morning to do a breakfast shift at work, doing front of house work as a waiter in some blinkin’ fancy restaurant! It’s not bad, getting up is the main problem but once I’ve done with my shift I can head home and have a nap! :wink: Aside from working too, I occasionally pop out in the evening with a few friends and catch up!

That’s incredibly awesome because I absolutely LOVE the Darksiders series! Great to have you in our community! :smiley:


Hey my name is christian i live in Tx and am a senior in high school, ive been doing console gaming since the ne64 and have had every console release since then except for the newest generation (xboxone ps4 wiiU) i have been a passionate fan of the lfd series and turtle rock for many years, logging 300+ hours in both games in online and offline modes aswell as achieving every xbox achievment possible for both. as a personal gamer i spend most of my time on my pc (which i pre ordered evolve for) though i regularly get on xbox and ps3, i believe the best kinds of games are co-op, not that single player ones are guranteed bad in any way or form, i simply enjoy the needed strategy of working with other players. i also believe the best games are the oldest, being madly in love with galaga as my favorite game of all time, this in mind i am actively acquiring vintage gaming consoles and games, current in possesion of ps, ps2, ps3 xbox, xbox360, gamecube, ne64, SNES, sega dreamcast, and a recent and proud owner of a sege genesis. as for evolve i have had this game on my radar long before its major announcements due to my close fandom with turtle rock and such, my steam is c0rk13s and if anyone else is planning on getting it for pc feel free to add me and we can enjoy it together (or maybe the alpha if both of us are lucdky enough :D)


i absolutley fell in love with the darksiders series this summer and i do truly hope more are made, i think the fact that she had the chance to participate in such a thing and you have a chance as well is truly amazing


Hi there! Good to learn more about my fellow Evolve fans. :smiley:

As for me, it sounds like I’m one of the older folks here: 35 years old. Practically geriatric. However, that also means I’ve probably been gaming for longer than most of you. For me, my intro to gaming was probably the Atari 2600 and my parent’s Apple IIe computer (black and green monitor!). Since then I’ve been gaming on tons of systems, from early PC (Monkey Island, woo!) and NES to Xbox One and most things in between. I still get sad when I think about the demise of the Dreamcast…such a good system.

In terms of personal life, I’m a married father of 2 younger kids (5 and 3). Which means that I don’t get as much time for gaming as most of you probably do. Thankfully I manage to fit some in here and there, which is made easier by the fact that I often work from home (if I’m caught up on work, of course!). And of course I wouldn’t trade the wife and kids for any amount of gaming (although right now we’re trying to potty train my youngest and maybe sometimes you’d be able to convince me to trade him). My work isn’t overly interesting, but my wife actually does some pretty cool stuff. She’s worked on some pretty wsm things including Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars, which has given me the opportunity to do things I could only dream of when I was a kid like hang out at Skywalker Ranch, fly to Vancouver and visit the BSG set (including meeting Aaron Douglas, who played Tyrol in BSG and is a great guy), etc. I also look a LITTLE bit like Obi-Wan. And beards are wsm.


I’m Blake, 20 years old. College student for mechanical engineering, and I’ve been playing games for as long as I can remember- racing games and more fantasy-based action games when I was younger- Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, stuff like that, alongside racing games. Then in highschool I started into RTS games and FPS games with borrowing my friend’s Xbox. Fell in love with the basics of gunplay, branched out, fell in love with Left 4 Dead and the Resistance games. Decided I wanted a PC, so I put a better processor in my old computer, got an el cheapo AMD GPU and ran with it. Fell in love, never looked back, sold my consoles.

Now I’m sitting here, 6 years later, with a massive PC, an alarming number of games on my computer, and I’ve nearly broken my F5 key on my keyboard, refreshing my email waiting for an invite.


I’m Lee 31 years old part Canadian part Irish part English and born in Germany, happily married to my beautiful Polish wife with our amazing little daughter. Currently work in data analysis and play/love almost every mainstream sport going.
I love gaming and am extremely competitive even when I’m absolutely useless at whatever I’m playing/doing.


@Vanadrom I’m such a WiiU n00b, I don’t even know. Let me get back to you on that one. :smile:

@SlinkyGuy Nice to meet you as well Slinky.

@Christian_Alexa I heard a rumor a studio bought the rights to DarkSiders… Not sure who, and again it is just a rumor. But I hope that series makes a comeback too. I love Joe Mad’s art style and they did a great job translating that to 3D.

Glad to see this thread take off. It is really nice to meet all of you.


My name is trey damico im 19 and chill in colorado the first game I remember is mortal kombat hence the picture. Born in usa just not a good writer im in cu


Names Jordan obviously. I’m 18 years old nothing special besides I spend almost all my time playing League of Legends currently diamond1. I would love to at least try to become pro before I head to college but it’s a lot harder then you could even imagine even if I’m in the top .2% of players. I love everything about game design and how a game works. What people like to play and how it got popular anything really. I have been reading everything Riot Games employees have been saying since 2012 about the game trying to learn more. Hopefully one day I could design an awesome game like Evolve or League.


@Jordian that is cool you want to get into the industry. My suggestion would be to try and specialize in something (art, programming etc) and learn a skill really well. From there you can start adding more skills to your arsenal and that will open more doors. But to get your foot in the door, really figure out what aspect of game design you like and start with that! :slight_smile: Good luck, and nice to meet you.


I can’t specialize in a main category unfortunately. I suck at art and I hate programming, but there are game design classes that focus on all aspects of game design and you have to learn every part of it which is something I want to do. The class at Digipen I’m looking at offers so many different things because they want you to be able to do almost everything to a point where you can work with all the members of your group to design a game. That’s probably the class I would take something along the lines of that.


I’m Rehlik, I’ve been gaming since the dark ages… all of you make me feel so old now… -.- lol

Nice to meet you all!

I’m 32(33 in December) and I’ve been gaming since the NES days. I mostly PC game (and have since Doom arrived way back when). I do own a WiiU just for Mario Kart… lol… Seems to be a common theme here. haha

I mostly play MMO’s (and Smite!), but I used to play a LOT of FPS’s (Doom 1-3, Quake 1-2, Unreal Tournament, Battlefield 1-2, Team Fortress(QUAKE VERSION, NOT HALF LIFE) 1 and 2) but Evolve is the first one I’ve been excited about in a VERY long time.

Outside of gaming; I’m an IT in the US Coast Guard and have been for 12 years (8 more yearsssss). Before that I did IT/networking work for random companies. I wanted to get into game design, but for some reason I never did… instead I’m “attempting” to get a degree in Astrophysics and Meteorology.

Hope to see you all ingame some time soon!! :smiley: Although I think I miss the cutoff for signing up due to being out of the country… oh well, next round. :smile:


Oh yeah… I’ve been on the forums for a few days now… I just lurk though… like a creepy forum stalker that never speaks… I’m practicing to be a stealthy monster… >:D