Introduce us to your job!


So, today something croosed my mind. There are so many different typs of job, some of them you couldn’t imagine! So just give us the give us an insight by writing a few sentences.

I’m sorry that I can’t provide you with much. I’m still a student. No much to talk about. Doing homework, going through the evolve forum during the lessons ect… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m a university student, not sure where I’m going with it exactly, I also work part-time.


tattoo artist/game design student/painter


Oh common not just mentioning you job. Tell us a funny story or something.


there was this gay guy that every time he got tattooed he would yell at the top of his lungs the ENTIRE TIME


im a student of computer science (dunno if its computer science/science of computeering or something like that in english), 1 and a half year to graduate, also im a professional dota 2 player (even tho this doesnt give me a lot of money since im brazilian), and im also a trainee at the court of justice (dont ask me why)… I dont remember anything funny that happened to me =O


Automation Development Manager, working mostly in web based automation with Selenium. Much of my work is done in .NET but occasionally I have to do web development.


Work at a former UPS store turned FedEx. Not too many interesting stories here but I’m also a pilot working on my commercial and instrument tickets right now. Recently took up my landlord and him+flying+bad Mexican do not mix very well. He got motion sick right before we landed from an hour long flight and I spent an hour cleaning the plane’s interior. It still smells bad in there lol


I work for Google Fiber.


Guess this is a good place to introduce myself (been lurking for a little while) as well as my job! Hi, I’m a 24yo DevOps Engineer working in the SF Bay Area. I mostly work with Python for development and Ubuntu server. My job entails managing around 120 linux boxes and writing monitoring/automation tools (some other various projects) when I’m not invested in a new deployment.


I’m a cook at a gastropub.

So a bartender hates mayo and asks for a burger for himself with no mayo. So a cook fills the hamburger buns with mayo like you fill donuts with jelly. So the bartender checks and sees no mayo, bites into the burger, and gets a mouthful of mayo.

Same bartender another time asks for mashed potatoes. The cook makes a roux (flour mixxed with a fat, often butter) puts it in a bowl, gives it to the bartender. Bartender is like “you know? i don’t want it anymore” bartender gives it to a customer at the bar. Customer eats the entire bowl, says its the best mashed potatoes he has ever had!

ummm, a head chef i once worked for convinced a waitress that the duck’s neck was the duck’s penis and the waitress was a cook’s gf, and she wouldn’t believe her bf that it wasn’t a penis…

One time a manager saw something wasn’t labled in the walk in fridge, (health code mandates food needs to be labled and dated) told all the cooks to label everything in the kitchen, so we literally labled everything, the floors, the walls, everything. My favorite was i labled the freezer so that when it was open just slightly you could read a label that said “ajar”


Officially, I’m currently unemployed.

I’ve done contract work for everything between building/supporting computers, simple networking, heavy labor and lifting (even solo-lifting stuff up to my own weight at 250lbs back then), fragile handling, farming, architecture, cleaning antique boats, and inventory management. (Mostly under-the-table, though some I did officially just as much as I did under-the-table/cash-only.)

The funniest point was with this one retailer where I became the de-facto backroom manager (in other words, it became my responsibility to oversee all major truck deliveries) in a very short time (3 months or so). At one point, there were only two guys in the entire store on payroll and one of them was myself while the other was this built-up black dude twice my size. However, despite that he looked even stronger than myself, he was pathetic in merit ('course it could have to do with the fact I’m built as a grappling machine while he was built like a boxer). I still did everything in the store requiring heavy lifting by myself on top of my other responsibilities (until I was fired for my own good).


I work as head waiter in some fancy four star hotel. It is a pretty nice place to work, I really like meeting new customers now and then and generally just providing good service plus receiving good feedback makes me happy! And it does have it’s advantages too like the one time we had some of the cast from “Game of Thrones” in because they were filming this new TV series around where I lived and comedian Eddie Izzard once stayed over and I got to meet him, which was pretty cool! Disadvantages are that I mostly work breakfast shifts so I have to get up almost every single day at 6:10am. :frowning:


Oh common, that the time I have to get up to go to school. Some of my classmates even have to get up 5 am just to make it in time.

So here is my story: after graduating, a few of my colleges hijacked the schools copy machine (around 200 kg) and moved it by foot and tram to the main square which is located about 5 km from our school.
The school got some funny call from the police which said: ‘We think you are missing a copy machine’


I am a technical director for Uncle Sam. I am constantly working with industries and trade groups so most of the stuff I do is under one of a plethora of NDAs. I specialize in designing, building, and advising on how to create secure software and services. While not my job, I do also scrutinize (and make fun of) performance of such systems too! I normally work in C, C++, and Java on Windows, Linux, and Android. If it weren’t for the NDAs I’m sure I could provide a year’s worth of lulz for The Daily WTF. :wink: OMG, some people… It’s 2014 and I still see stupid stuff like SQL injection vulnerabilities. Colleges really need to get their acts together!

If you had asked me back in college what I wanted to be I would have said game developer. I learned all about how to do that sort of stuff, but I’m happy where I’m at for now. Better hours, benefits, and stability.


I’m a goat whisperer in Tibet, I help talk the goats down and tell them life will get better. If can be a trying job I’ve seen many goats that are to far gone and just want to end it :disappointed: but I persevere and take it one day at a time…


Started up work again not too long ago at a Black and Decker factory as a temp. Also a full time student for Computer Science, focus in Programming. May switch it to their “Game Design” program for a much easier school load so I can work more. I’m currently in a 200 level class doing basic Python called “Game Programming Foundation.” Getting really close to 6 weeks and have yet to done anything game related. I’ll have my associates degree after this year of school.

I’m normally in the packaging portion for jigsaw blades, which is putting the blisters in, all of the blades in the correct order and then the card with appropriate stickers. It then goes through the machine and you bag them and put it in a box. Not bad work, and it was the only thing I was able to do as I needed third shift so it accommodated school. I’m looking for some kind of online work to give me some entry level programming experience, but I’ll probably wait until this summer for that.


I design custom theater and home automation systems. Every job is unique so it requires a pretty wide variety of skillsets, but I’m a tech junkie at heart and given that I get to play with some pretty amazing gear on a daily basis I can definitely say I found my niche.


Seems like we have no baker, farmer or butcher in the community. We will all starve to death…


Wait what? Seriously?