Introduce a monster bonus to counter hunter relay camping

I actually like the idea of hunters getting a buff if the monster refuses to engage. Quicker jet pack refuel or something that only lasts until the hunters engage the monster.

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Monsters also get max health along with max ability points but it still unfair for the monster especially as Wraith going against a damn Laz/Bucket

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Hunters have no real excuse for this anymore, except with Wraith because she now has way too much armor. One second domes? You’re not missing a dome. Monster mobility was nerfed. You WILL get domes if you play well. And when you do, with the S1 armor nerfs, you will do damage. There’s no more excuse for just running to the relay.


unless the monster is extremely skillful. but then thats you getting outplayed rather than a balance issue.


Even if they are really good, it just means you need to be better. :stuck_out_tongue: I mean obviously a decent premade will be wiped by one of the top tier monsters. But that’s hardly a problem, no? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think personally I would redo the relays a little bit so that the hunters can’t prod the monster from a hugely huntered favour location. Somewhere more neutral. The trouble with a mechanic which kicks in if the monster isn’t engaged is that it is potentially exploitable by either side. In the game which started the thread and in most games against my team who do this to me, they chase me until I evolve to S2 then back off. It would be easy for them to avoid this mechanic, and monsters which can stealth could end up with an unfair buff. The whole point is trying to encourage both sides to fight. Don’t get me wrong I like your thinking, and we agree on the principle.

A flat out armour buff to S3 monsters may help.

Its pretty hard to stealth 100% from stage 1 to 3 with full armour. if you can do that then the hunters deserve an ass kicking.


I think this is the most elegant solution. to do this 100% stealth mode against a decent hunter team that is looking for you is going to take AAAAGES and the timer would run out.

Exactly, I have only encountered this issue with Wraith. But still, when we know this is a “coward” Wraith, we still try to dome it, but the situation that @Hydre mentioned happens and it gets to stage three and thus, nothing changes (we still win though) But on topic, I do agree with this although Wraith is an exception for me, it’s silly when hunters decide to camp the relay so early and I guess that needs to change.

Also I liked an idea I saw a while back where at stage 3, the monster triggers birds every time (every other time maybe) it feeds. this WITH the buff if it gets full armour would remove relay camping entirely.

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an interesting idea but would require a massive redesign of the maps.

Only issue with that is that if the monster hits S3…Chasing is DANGEROUS. Extremely dangerous. You need to be in a good spot of he will BRUTALIZE your team.

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Separately, some relays could still do with some love on design to adapt to how people play


stage 3 SHOULD be dangerous.

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Yes, and it is. :stuck_out_tongue: It really is. But it shouldn’t be a total death sentence.

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Definitely not no, but it also shouldn’t be “oh well back to the relay, break out the tents.”

It isn’t, though. :stuck_out_tongue: If there’s a chance of catching him in a decent spot with little to no armor, we will chase. If we’re able, and in good shape, we’ll keep the pressure on. Needle away at him, burn his time, keep him from getting ready sooner. S3 isn’t an immediate “time to go, lol” sign. :stuck_out_tongue:

While I think this thread was a good call and the problem might indeed be in need of a fix, you need to look at this from both directions:

  1. You got Hunter players that refuse to hunt and just camp the Relay from rather early on.

and 2) You got Monster players that refuse to fight until stage 3 and will avoid every confrontation or engagement even when domed.

I will agree with you on some stage 3 Monsters not having quite the advantage they should have at that point against a prepared defensive Hunter team, but likewise I would never want to see a Monster play cowardly as hell and then get rewarded for it at the end.

Maybe I’m confused regarding your reasoning. Is the bonus to punish Hunters for having refused to hunt? Because they weren’t able to succesfully dome an evasive Monster player even though they already knew he/she wouldn’t fight anyway?

This is how I see the current gameplay balance:
Imagine a certain power value that obviously increases with every evolve. Let’s call it the Flooptiedoo-rating.

Stage 1 Monsters have a low Flooptiedoo while stage 3 Monsters have the highest Flooptiedoo.
So writing down their total strength in Flooptiedoo rating from stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 would be like:
50, 100, 150.
(s1, s2, s3)

That was before the recent patch. Now their Flooptiedoo has been “generalized”. It’s now:
75, 100, 125.
(s1, s2, s3)

Their stage 3 is weaker in comparison while their stage 1 is now stronger.
Let’s immediately be honest here; stage 1 is still far too weak to break a good Hunter team. Its buffs matter little.

So we got a slightly weaker Stage 3 (but some armor buffs to compensate), effectively suggesting the Monster player now has to engage more often even at earlier stages.

I don’t even remember what point I’m trying to make. I guess granting bonuses to Monster players that didn’t get caught until stage 3 would be too bland an option. You can’t properly differentiate between Monster players that reach stage 3 because the Hunters were lazy fuckers or Monster players that reach stage 3 because they played annoyingly sneaky and the Hunters tried their hardest but failed.

And I also fear that if TRS presses their “Flooptiedoo-rating generalization” further, there will be little incentive left for Hunters to actually hunt.


This is my main grouse with the idea. .-.