Introduce a monster bonus to counter hunter relay camping

In the following thread the situation was described where hunters choose to bunker down for a match rather than… you know… hunt…

I feel that this is something that happens a bit too often and it disrupts the fun of the game for monsters. I don’t mind that hunters feel that they’ve lost track of the monster at stage 3 and should retreat to the relay, but when people decide that the wraith is a “coward” in the early stage 2 game and sit at the relay for 10 minutes they’re being potentially unfair to the monster.

So my suggestion
Give monsters some form of passive buff if they are not “engaged” between the stage 2 and stage 3 evolution completions.

The “how” isn’t important compared to the concept as a whole, but I know people would want to understand more specifically what I’m suggesting. Note that as usual this isn’t about specifics, I literally do not care for “this would be unbalanced” talk since there is nothing in this discussion that is so nailed down that it couldn’t be balanced. Leave that shit at the door.

So, for example:

The buff could be something reasonably small but significant enough such as a damage resistance buff or damage bonus buff, or something more directly related to health and armour. The buff could be permanent or time limited to encourage the monster to use their bonus on the cowardly hunters.

Denying the buff should be simple enough that a team chasing a particularly sneaky or speedy monster can deny it just through the normal process of hunting, but not so low that relay campers can chip damage and deny the bonus.

What do people think?

  • Yes: help punish hunters that don’t hunt
  • No: relay camping for the whole game is fine

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The game mode is called “hunt” by the way guys. Just a reminder.


but what if the monster is NOT a runner, wants to engage, but the hunters turtle up at the relay at minute 3 (which I’ve seen premades do a LOT.) Maggie, Bucket, Markov and Laz is a really hard turtle to break for a wraith for example. if the hunters refuse to budge, the wraith has a large disadvantage at stage 3.

I don’t see how giving the monster free moving ground is a disadvantage to the monster

ok, it gets free moving ground, goes to stage 3. then what? with a pure defensive comp, its a HUGE advantage to the hunters if it stages up to 3 in the current meta.

also from a hunter perspective, I prefer to be HUNTING the monster, Not sitting and waiting for 10 minutes. I did enough of THAT in matchmaking.

I have an idea.

How about the buff being triggered when the monster reaches full armor at stage 3. The buff would last until the armor is gone, but wouldn’t be regained until the armor bar is completely refilled (as in once you run out of armor, you need to completely refill it to gain the buff back.) The buff specifics could be left for later.

However, looking at this part

I think those people are just giving up. They see no reason to try and chase that which avoids them too well.

If camping at the relay is more effective than actually trying to hunt, I then agree that monsters should be given something to give them an advantage, as turtling should only be considered in the circumstances mentioned by the OP in relation to stage 3.


Then you understand the frustration of having a runner. This is pretty much double standards if the monster is a running wuss the hunters should get a buff as well in that sense.

Also every monster has ranged attacks so hunters that stay in one area of the relay are fucked against a stage 3 full health monster That probably has a buff ALREADY since it has free moving ground

The relay gives an advantage to the Hunters as if Hunters in HI Ranked were already a struggle.
If people do not want to hunt… That’s what Arena Mode is for.
If not, well Monters should receive a buff of +10% DMG and DEF since the monster hasn’t lost any health so it got to S3 with no harm and it gained increase stats.

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That’s a neat way of thinking about it, my only concern would be that denying a monster the refill of it’s armour at stage 3 is pretty tough. I wouldn’t want anything changed that meant that hunters found it harder to try to get defensive against the oncoming stage 3 monster, if you get what I mean?

So get someone to shoot at it once

Easily worked around

As said in my OP, let’s leave the “you’d just do X” stuff out, because this thread isn’t about specifics of ranges and margins within which any mechanic like this would work. No-one here is interested in people just being dismissive for the sake of being dismissive.

Discuss the concept, not the particulars :smile:

Edited, should be better now? :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m a lil tired so not exactly thinking haha!

So then why not look at it from both sides? You’re favoring the monster here but no talking about when a monster is a runner?

I would justify the refill with the timer. If the team gave up, and the monster reaches stage 3, the monster should be entitled to get as many attempts at breaking the defense of the relay as the timer permits.

A team that actually hunts the monster would take more time away from the monster. If the team keeps the pressure up, then the monster ends up with less time to get full armor refills.


If the monster is a runner then the hunters should be working their game out. With 1 second domes I reject the notion that you can’t engage a monster. I understand how frustrating it is when a monster avoids fighting in the dome, that’s a separate issue, yet the monster in such a scenario shouldn’t gain any bonus.

This is for the situation where the hunters are not engaging a monster, not for when the hunters are engaging but the monster is not. :smile:

You make good points, I can’t say that isn’t a good (and cleaner) concept :smile:


I’m just saying that your scenario of hunters camping the relay is as annoying as a monster that never fights before stage 3 and when domed just jumps around and hides nonstop making it near impossible to actually get to its HP.

MOSTLY these monster players suck at actual combat but it’s still frustrating to know the monster wasted like 10-15 minutes of your time running away and then dying in 2 minutes when he actually engages

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This thread isn’t about monsters that run, it’s about hunters that don’t hunt :smile:

Splitting relays in two? If monster destroyed one without damage he receives buff against camping Hunters.