Interviewing game devs


Hello, I’m posting this to reach out to anyone from the studio. I’m currently a student at the Art Institute of Sacramento, and attending a introduction to game development class. we have been given the task to interview game developers so that we may learn things about the industry straight from the developers themselves. So I was sending this out to see if there might be anyone available to help a student learn more from someone who knows this industry inside and out. I can be reached at my email provided in this message. it would be greatly appreciated if I could reach anybody. I really enjoy the games that comes from this studio and i happen to use your studio as a research project and i value the love you have for the players out there. Thank you for your time.


I suggest you share your email to the Devs in a PM instead of a public place once they they respond to you :slight_smile:

Edit: I’m not sure, so don’t quote me on this, but I think they have done some interviews before, so you might be lucky :slight_smile:


I think you should just P-

Lil ninja


They’ve done them with major reviewers/interviewers like Gamespot but I’m not sure about minor interviews but I have no idea why they wouldn’t!


I mean minor interviews, I think I remember Macman did one with an user in here, but I’m not sure :open_mouth:


they also did the evolution of evolve series. thats a really cool indepth 5 part interview


make sure you make a pun with the word evolve. They love it. It’s also never been done.