International matchmaking


I’m member of an international video gaming clan and would like to play Evolve with some of my clan mates. However the current matchmaking system is making it quite difficult for us.

The FAQ has the following to say:

Are we able to play with users from another country?

Yes, you can, but matchmaking typically won’t slot you with players in other countries because network connectivity might be poor. That said, you can invite friends from other countries to play with you.

If I search for a match by myself, it’s fine and I find something in less than half a minute. As soon as I’m in a party with someone from the US (I’m from Germany) it takes us more than 5 minutes, if at all. Basically the current matchmaking is making it impossible for us to play together as we need to wait such a long time and can’t even know if we’re ever finding any match at all.

Other games work too internationally, so I don’t quite understand why Evolve shouldn’t.

One thing that does work though, is searching for a match and hoping it’s not full. Friends can then join on me sometimes. However in this case it doesn’t count as being in a party, so one of us could still become the monster.

I hope something about this can be done in the future.


Yeah, in that case the game should look for matches in both your country AND Germany. Very valid suggestion.


Exact issue here.


Any chance of a developer comment on this?


I can’t even play a game with a friend from London. Germany and the UK aren’t really that far apart, so why doesn’t it want us to find a match? That’s just ridiculous.