International Day of Happiness! Let's get some love for Sunny!



Let’s take the time to share the top 3 things that make you happy. <3

  1. Music
  2. My loved ones. (Including my cat.)
  3. Work

Thank you @Iseanna for all your love and passion for the game aswell!
Your artwork is beautimus!!


Every time the Devs post on these forums it makes me happy!!! You’re all so open with the community, when I see @GentlemanSquirl posting hints about Title Update 9, I get so excited for all the incoming changes. :grinning:

This games about to Evolve to stage 3!!!


That’s great to hear Rick!! We do our best!!

Heh heh heh you have no idea… <3


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Whenever you Devs post stuff like this I can tell you’re thinking about some huge, upcoming change that we don’t know about yet, and it kills me. XD


3 things that make me happy…

My best frieeeeeeeend…

And from time to time, muh cat.


Aww! This is nice. :smile:

My top 3 would have to be…

  1. My friends. I have so many to this day and I love them all. From the ones I’ve known for 7 years, to the ones I met just 2 1/2 years ago, they’ve all got special memories with me. <3

  2. My daily sunset walks/bike rides with my favorite music. There’s something about the cool air of the evening setting in, the soft light coming from the sunset, the country scenery, all tied in with some awesome music that really lifts my spirits and keeps me sane. Sometimes it’s hard to go back inside. :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Food, and cooking/baking. When I was in my mid-teens I found out I really enjoyed making food. If I could, I’d be trying new recipes and experimenting with flavors all the time - but my family can be pretty skeptical about things I make.

Also, animals would be my #4. I love animals - especially dogs and horses - and there’s a lot of them around where I live. :slight_smile:


1: My Dogs
Morpheus my sleepy, lazy dog and Iris my beautiful, sassy dog

2: The Forums
Every single time I come on here it makes me super happy

3: My Phone
What I mean is that I keep in touch with all my friends everyday

  • Playing videogames competively.

  • Wagging around my Snow Leopard tail.

  • Hanging out with my friends and having a good time beating the shit out of them in Smite and Evolve.

  1. This awesome community and friends :slight_smile:
  2. Games (especially Evolve) :monster:
  3. Animals :dog:

  1. Hanging out on the Forum. You guys and girls always make me happy, you’re one of the many reasons I’m still around. :slight_smile:

  2. Playing games. Mainly on my Xbox, but occasionally on my laptop when it wants to work properly.

  3. Puns. Don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I love making puns. :smile:

  • When I down Slim

  • Sleep

  • Games


That doesn’t happen much, does it?


No… no it doesn’t…


Shredder if I had a gaming PC, I’d play against you as Slim and not use spores the whole game. Plus, I suck as Slim already, so you could have your much deserved revenge.



The moments where I am the happiest are when I watch the monster get devoured by explosives from my Mortars. :torvald:



also, top 3 times i’m happy:

  1. watching the Destruction of a planet (It’s so beautiful)
  1. killing Rebel Scum (Real satisfying when you know they’re basically terrorists)
  1. watching sunset (Just because you’re a stormtrooper doesn’t mean you have to always be a soldier)



:rugby_football: :beers: :poultry_leg: