Internal monologue


While the hunters have conversation amongst them selves, it’s kinda quiet for the monster. I feel that the monster should get an internal monologue while roaming around. This would be a good way to add more lore to the monsters.


But the monsters don’t exactly have a language.

I’m still very curious to know what kind of vibe it’d give though, it certainly would feel different!


and before kraken speaks with a british accent with intellect to match that of the sherlock holmes.


Or monster should periodically make really cool unique sounds when hunters aren’t around. Something like maybe almost hearing a wraith say a human word or something (since she seems most advanced)


“I say. This mammoth bird tastes simply DELIGHTFUL.”


Kraken is probably a black dude but he could still be british just gotta nail an african english accent




I see Wraith as a hispanic or white female goliath as a pacific islander and behemoth as a white guy with a gruff voice


"Day 21: Entry 3; I don’t know how much father I can go. These strange, two legged, tenticle-less mammoth birds keep chasing me. If I turn around, it will be a fight to the death…

Man…I need to take a poop."


One of them would need to have the voice of Patrick Stewart


“hmmm this mega mouth tastes like chicken… I wonder what chicken tastes like… Probably not very good”


Yeah, would be an intresting thing to have.

@sannom They don’t need to have a language to have a internal thought process. Just something so we know what it’s thinking.

It would give the monsters more personality. We can tell a lot about the hunters, but not about the monsters. @MacMan


I like the idea, however, since the game has so many sounds, especially from the hunters, I would not want anything distracting me when I need to hear jetpacks or footsteps sneaking up on me.


Goliath: “Urgh… Hrrrrr… Hrrrr… Bwaaaargh!!!”
Kraken (while flying): “Woot-woot-woot-woot-woot-woot-woot!!!”
Wraith: “Psssst… Pssst… (insert hey kids joke) pfffffiiikk!!!”
Close enough, right?

Seriously though, I kind of support the idea, although it would ruin the vibe of savage creatures they have today


Honestly, this is a great idea. Many people dislike being Monster because it’s literally quiet. Hunters have awesome and funny dialogue. But, as @MrMikeAZ said, it would be distracting, so maybe only when out of combat? And to make sure that the Hunters can’t hear it, as @SArais said, so like a thought? Maybe simple sentences or words like:

Goliath: …Hunger…Must…Kill…Eat…
Kraken: …Thunder…Electrocute…Human…
Wraith: …Silence…Is…Death…
Behemoth: …Rock…And…Fire…I…Am…

In a really raspy or growling voice.


This could be cool if done right.

Horribly cheesy if done wrong.

As for why, hell, the hunters think the monsters might be learning from the colonists they eat. This might come from that.


I think that it’s Hyde or markov that says they are animals, they are smart, they are the enemy


hahaha. Get ready for a rose throwing kraken


And if they are learning from feeding, have them quoting Shakespeare as they are destroying the power relay!


I like this, but since the hunters are hunting the monster, I would not want anything that would stop or hinder me from hearing the hunters jetpacks, footsteps, weapons or them disturbing wildlife.

It is unfortunate that they had to remove the callouts as it was not something the hunters could control and gave the monster a heads up of trouble. Maybe it just has to be lonely as a monster, no matter how sad it is. Just remember, if you get too lonely, you can go play with the hunters!