Interesting DLC misinformation anecdote


So I know we’ve discussed this a lot here but I had an experience last night that was HIGHLY illuminating about this whole DLC fiasco.

I was playing with a couple of friends the other night and we were just chatting while playing and one of them had unlocked Bucket but wanted to play Cabot.

So he asked me “Do I have to buy the monster edition that you got to play Cabot?”

I was stunned. “What? No, of course not. You just have to unlock him by playing Bucket.”

My other friend : “Really? I thought this whole time that those T3 characters and monster were only for the DLC purchasers”

So I had to go on to explain what the situation is. These guys aren’t on the forums and mostly into the game because I showed it to them. I assumed they knew all the characters were in the game. But because of beta being restricted they both thought they only had access to the T1 and T2.

It makes me genuinely wonder how many other people are misinformed by this campaign of deception?


I hear this often actually. There is so much confusion out there, it isn’t even funny. I’ve even heard people claim that all content out of the beta was DLC. No idea how wires get that badly crossed. A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on, I suppose. The best we can do is answer questions and help people find the truth!


It sure opened my eyes as to what people are thinking. This whole time I thought they were being unreasonable but I would be mad if I thought 1/3 of the game already out was locked behind a pay wall.

Hopefully this will become less prevalent as people begin to unlock Tier 3 on their own.

Weird bug about the Tier 3 DLC

Nah I can’t got tired of correcting last night when a pub texted me see you using that day one dlc scrub character wraith.