Interesting Diolouge regarding Monster Eggs


This is between Caira and Griffin (I don’t have the full dialogue):
C - A little! I think the most interesting thing about all these eggs that the Monsters hatch from.
G - The eggs? They’re just bags of goo!
C - And isn’t that interesting? Break one open before it hatches, just green goop. No baby Monster. Isn’t that weird?
G - That… that is weird. Hell, that don’t make no sense at all.

Griffin later mentioned something about seeing the Monsters pop out of the eggs
So this means that the Monsters produce eggs in a different manner…


Dead monster foetuses dramatically sloshing out of exploded eggs (destroyed by your hand) covered in egg goo would be PROFOUNDLY disturbing. I remember the mundane horror of finding an unborn chicken while making breakfast when I was growing up. :expressionless:


The eggs are just sacs that contain the genetic information to make a monster.
The rocky casing is to protect it.
The monster’s attacking it is just making the genetic info come together to make the monster.
How does it do it so fast? Game logic


There is another dialogue on Nest with Caira + Cabot. She says that the eggs are broadcasting on Astral Frequency and she wants to study the signal and origin.


I thought that was Hank and Caira. Anyway according to Maggie there’s a monster that lays eggs for the others.


So…it’s balut.


I’m pretty sure Caira also hints that the eggs aren’t laid by the monster and that the monsters aren’t native to the planet. Another thing she says is that the monsters are the planets defense system. The two don’t really make sense together but I’m pretty sure it’s just her speculating and trying to figure everything out


When i was playing Caira and Parnell talked about the structure of the eggs, it went a bit like this;
C-I dont understand how these monsters form
P-Theres a lot of goop in the eggs
C-Yes but im talking about the lack of structure, not the volume
Again this is from memeory but this is what they basically said