Interactivity on maps / small hunter weapon request


Would it be possible to update maps to have some interactivity for both monsters and hunters?

These would be things put on the map (sometimes there, sometimes not) to allow the players more interactivity instead of just running around shooting stuff. The game is super-fun, but sometimes it’d be neat to have other things to do.

some examples:
Elite wildlife in cages. Monster can destroy the cages to let them out.

Electrified perimeter grid for killing medium area wildlife. Must be activated by holding ‘E’ for 5 seconds or so. Kills all wildlife in a small area. also damages hunters.

just some ideas I think that would spruce up some interactivity of the maps.

I’d also like to request a better indicator of how much ‘ammo/charge’ each item has. Hanks laser, Markovs lightning gun, Vals medgun, etc. If they show you how much ammo/charge they have I haven’t noticed it.


Sounds like ideas of a different game mode and/or map perks for new maps.


Haha, that was pretty fast. :stuck_out_tongue:


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you can see ammo on hanks weapon or in the down right corner


To better keep an eye on your ammo/capacity, use the hunter skill wheel as reference.


Hank’s Laser cutter (And most weapons) sound different when approaching an empty click. Obvious notices for these include Griffins machine gun and Hank’s Laser Cutter. The Lightning Gun actually has red hot metal glow when getting closer to emptying the mag on the weapon itself.