Interactive tutorials for each character

So I know we have the basic and advanced tutorial videos for every character, but I still feel like it’s not quite enough.

When I first began playing this game, one thing that made it very difficult for me to get past the learning curve was that the only form of tutorial for characters other than Goliath and Markov was a non-interactive pair of videos. And once I’d watched those, I was on my own to develop skills with the new characters.

I propose that there should be little “Exercises”-- interactive tutorials that allow you to feel more familiar with a character without the stress of being in an actual game. These should be focused on what makes the character different from others of their class. After doing the Hunter tutorial as Markov, a player still has a lot to learn if they’re going to attempt to play as Val. But if there was a Val exercise were they had to keep another player alive for a particular amount of time, or get a certain number of simultaneous weak points on the Monster before time runs out, they may adapt to her play style much more easily.

Same goes for Monsters. If the only experience you have is with Goliath, it’s very difficult to learn how to use Kraken or Wraith effectively. Maybe there could be a Kraken exercise where you have to hit a certain number of moving targets with Lightning Strike? Or one where you have to keep hunters a certain distance away from you for as long as possible?

I could go on, but I’d prefer to hear from the community: What would tutorials for other characters look like? Would there be extra rewards for mastering them? Are there multiple difficulties? Should there be just one tutorial activity per character or several? Is this even a good idea in the first place?

Let’s tawk.


Definitely agree, there needs to be a tutorial mode for each character that teaches how to play them effectively. All the hunters are so varied, for example you may be a good Caira, but playing Laz is completely different, even though they’re the same class. The videos definitely aren’t enough for new players.


If not for every character at least for every hunter class. The fact that Markov is the only hunter for the tutorial could explain why everyone plays like an Assault when they first start.


Definitely agree with this idea. The exercises don’t even have to be very long, but just enough to a get a feel for the different load outs and how they are best utilised. While some weapons and tactics are easy and intuitive, others are not. For example some weapons / abilities are not as straight forward in there activation methods as they could be because they are so different to normal FPS weaponry. (Ie. Griffin’s Harpoon, Slim’s Bug, Bucket’s UAV, etc.)

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I would lie to see a story driven single player experience for each of the characters that plays out across three of four missions. Starting with a tutorial mission and unlocking each mission as you unlock character mastery.

That would be a lot of work, obviously, but I feel it would be a positive experience.


It would be a good way of integrating a single player experience but still keeping the multiplayer concept at the core of the game. Spacing them out and keeping them relatively short in length would keep them interesting without getting in the way, while also adding to the game’s lore. :smile:

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Yep, when I first started playing I was looking for the other tutorials besides just assault and Goliath. Then, I thought I must surely unlock them once I complete the first ones because that couldn’t be ALL of them. I was so wrong. I played solo for a long time before I felt comfortable enough to join other players. Tutorials for each class would’ve been great.

Side note, another thing that would be cool is adding vids for the new tiers. You know showing how they join up with Cabot and the crew. I love the footage of all the hunters on the ship and the DLC characters should’ve been brought in too.

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That wouldn’t be a bad idea. I do agree that there should be tutorials for the classes at least, if not for the individuals.
I actually played solo with each Hunter a bit before I did anything online. Just to get the hang of them.

I was just thinking about this the other day. I was letting my brothers play the tutorial, and one of them really wanted to play as Kraken, and I knew it’d be quite the difficulty curve. With the monsters, not only do they have different abilities, but entirely different modes of travel and play style, generally.

Much like @AttnDefDis, I spent a heck of a lot of time in solo before going online. To be honest, I feel like that is sufficient to an extent in teaching a new player the ropes. With the addition of Arena Mode now, I think it’s even easier to pick up basics for most classes since you jump right into the action.

I, too, would adore a single player campaign sort of deal. But I think that would be expecting a lot.

Part of me thinks the solo mode combined with the way a lot of the early masteries are set up are enough to teach someone how to play the basics of any Hunter or Monster. But I wouldn’t balk at some in depth tutorials!

Yeah I was the same. I think I played pure solo for at least the first 3 weeks before I felt I knew the gameplay well enough to give online a go. The learning curve was unexpectedly steep but maybe that’s because they were expecting people to just jump online straight away and learn off others perhaps? I’m not sure. Personally I’d rather not be an absolute beginner before trying to join online games. I think it shows you’ve taken the time to understand what it is you’re supposed to be doing especially in team games like this. :smile:

Oh my gosh yes! Thank you! That’s exactly what I had in mind!

That reminds me of playing with a Laz once who told me that he was supposed to be doing damage, and he could do as much as Assault, because LAz was “just like Markov.” I ask him how, and he says “First weapon does damage, second weapon is useless, third weapon is for sneakattacking and fourth weapon is to stay alive.”

Let the amazing stupidity sink in.


This is a great idea. I was wondering why this wasn’t done.

Why not a training room to use the characters with no interruptions or goals. Maybe have different areas unlock as you progress through the levels and also have shooting ranges etc. Put character specific challenges in there as well. Even put in an area to view wildlife. If anyone has played bionicle heroes they might remember it had something similar to what im talking about.


I think a while back they said there was only the tutes for Markov and Gol since the tutes were more to understand the very basics of each side, with the rest being learnt in-game/via the videos.

Some more optional tutorials for each class/character might be nice for helping out new players figure out how to play before being thrown into the full game.
They probably wouldn’t need to be as long as the ones we’ve already got since we’d only need to learn that character’s/class’ niches

Plus we’d get to see more of the tutorial map, which is my fav

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