Intentionally ruining relationships. See: Release 4 days before Valentines Day


First the game is delayed and then you make me choose between two loves? Why you gotta be like that?


Aww come on, man, don’t be like that!

Why choose, when you can have both? :smiley:


Maybe you can have both! I can’t…my hubby is not a gamer! Go figure. But that’s cool because my valentines gift will be getting to play Evolve as much as I want, lol.


xD Waaah, awesome !!..


I really don´t want to rub it in but I met my GF on the Gears2 map ruins for the first time…


That’s awesome man! Gamer girls are always the best. It’s always nice having something you both enjoy doing together. Sucks that I’m single, but IDK how long that will be. Got two different girls I’m talking to right now and hoping I don’t have to end up picking and hurting someone because that sucks.


Go with the one that’ll play Evolve!
I kid, I kid…


Why not pick both hands?

Err…I mean… :shipit:


Until they get into their first fight about missing a mobile arena or reviving someone else before them. Then the cracks start to show.


“Sorry babe, it was either you or the assault, and the monster only had one bar left and we won.”
“I don’t care, you care more about winning than me.”

I could see the fight now


The choices are all bad answers. And god forbid you’re a Goliath that has her pinned in a corner while you leapsmash and firebreath her into spectate mode. That could be a long night.


Or just straight up pounce her. She would be pissed lmfao


I didn’t even realize the release was that close to Valentines Day. It appears being single has its benefits! Not that I’d mind having a GF again! Gamer girls with careers are rather rare IN MY AREA though. :frowning:


Not to start anything but maybe your perceptions about female gamer girlfriends is why you don’t have one :stuck_out_tongue:


Gamer girls with careers are rather rare?

Have you ever stepped outside? What the eff do you actually think of women to make gross generalizations like that?

Being a “gamer girl” isn’t a real thing. Video games are not for men. They are for anyone that wants to play them. People that think otherwise are either under the age of 21 or seriously socially inept. There is not a pattern between females that game and females that have careers. What a stupid thing to say.


The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist…


What perception? Where did I put a perception? Quote said specific perception. I specifically stated that I’ve found girls that play games and have careers are hard to find in this area. :confused: It’s not some statement on women in general. It’s purely an observation, NOT an opinion.

Calm down. I said I’ve found that girls who play video games and have careers are a rare find in my geographic area. Where is the generalization you’re claiming I made? Quote it. I didn’t say a thing about women in general. I simply said that people meeting that specific criteria are uncommon here. I said NOTHING about what gender games are appropriate for, NOTHING about a pattern or statistics, and NOTHING about someone being better or worse than another. If you think I said that then you’re interpreting my very literal words wrong by adding some nefarious deeper meaning to them. I very clearly stated an observation (NOT an opinion) and nothing more.

Oh, and if you have a problem with me using the term “gamer girls” then where were you when @Brandini said:

I would like an apology.


I have to agree here, though from what I’m aware of, the ratio of female gamers to male gamers IS very low from my experiences, at least with COD anyways.
And @zjbdragon she was referring to you making it sound like most gamer girls don’t have careers. I don’t think that’s what you were implying, but that’s the way it sounded. It’s not hard to see why @whatever is upset if you take a step back and look at what you said from that perspective


I just was basing that on your wording. “rather rare” seemed very generalized as opposed to “rather hard to find”


Ok I’ll quote it

Gamer girls with careers are rather rare though. [sad, possibly delusional small round shocked yellow face]

No where does it say “IN MY AREA” and I cannot read minds. Not that “IN MY AREA” would have made it less stupid. Sure I have a problem with the term “gamer girls”. It holds a connotation that I can’t control and I don’t call myself that although I do play video games. I’ll get started on telling everyone on the internet I have a problem with that phrase right now.