Instead of wanting Sunny nerfed


How about you get good and learn how to play against her?

  1. She provides offensive sustain on teammates, but not herself.
  2. Shield drone focuses after someone has been hit (this is why rock throw seems to be slightly blocked as she’s hit with the rock, but not the shrapnel).
  3. Her shield drone has very little hp, and a long set up time.
  4. Her shield drone needs LoS to even shield.
  5. Shield drone stops shielding after a few seconds of the hunter not taking damage.


Instead of saying “How about you get good and learn how to play against her?”

You could have said, “take a look at her weaknesses and turn them into your strengths.”

People are far more open to discussion when your opening sentence isn’t derogatory.


How can we have a discussion when what I say is the truth? :speak_no_evil:


It’s your opinion.


She has a 51% win ratio from level 20-40. People are still crying she is OP. Macman said they’re looking to ‘adjust’ her in the next micro patch. It seems that people that think she is OP really just don’t know what to do against her.


just adjust the jetpack boost speed from x2 to x1.5 and shes fine


Then you can’t boost Griffin 200m :stuck_out_tongue:


actualy her winrate is 54,7% and thats ~8% more than the next highest support, check your stats, past changes showed that you can expect nerfs if the wlr is higher than 52% (incase of hunters)


If they’re looking to adjust her then something is off.

While I agree that people are quick to claim a character is overpowered, it doesn’t help to outright claim they are wrong. Again, people are more likely to engage in civil conversation/debates when your opening line isn’t a provocation.


Ah damn I was reading the wrong person. My bad. Yeah she has a 54%, but that doesn’t nescearily mean she is OP. I still see a lot of monsters that don’t have any idea what to do against a Sunny. If she sends the trapper with all of her jetpack boost to catch the monster it’s a free kill. If she uses all of her jetpack booster to help hunters evade the monster she won’t be able to assist them for a while.

@TheMountainThatRoars I agree that accusing people from the get go is a poor way to have a debate, and shows the piles of salt. It just becomes laughable to see many players complain about Sunny when she is doing exactly what she was designed to do, punish monsters that didn’t adjust to her new play style.


Ha, thats a good one, nice joke

Rock Throw does 800 impact damage, 800 shrapnel, if it did both forms on every rock throw, every hunter would die instantaneously upon contact.

Also saying L2P just makes you sound like an arrogant ass (sorry just being “honest”)


Don’t know about those numbers, because the shield drone is clearly blocking damage…

It has around a 8 second charge time, quite a long time in a dome. That’s enough time for 2 rock throws!
It dies in around 4 AA’s (2 light, 2 heavy)


Hunters have 1600 health.
1 rock throw does 50% upon direct impact or when a hunter is within the “shrapnel” radius, thats the cause of the slightly uncommon insta-incaps from rock throws, being hit by both damage sources.
Currently the shield is blocking all damage from rock throws, which seems a bit broken to me.
7 second charge time, even less with reload speed, and lets be honest, who doesnt choose reload with sunny?
It only allows light attacks for some BS reason, so its more like 10 AAs, that is way too much time taking to kill a tiny little drone


As a goliath player, I can’t stand playing against a good Sunny support.

Her drone shield is not as easy as you think to destroy, and when Sunny is seeing that you focus the shield, she just drop another one, and five seconds later, here it is.

Drone reload is fast too, faster than the hank’s one, if not, it should be less than the hank’s shield in my opinion.

I hope that Sunny will get nerf in the next patch because I do not enjoy this kind of automatic false teamplay.


I like Capacity. 3x boost :stuck_out_tongue:.I thought the bug was hitting certain surfaces acted as if the rock was exploding, but it allowed for you to get hit by both the rock, and previous ‘explosion’.

@darksuN She needs it to reload faster as it only targets after someone has been hit, and it’ll stick on them for around 5-6 seconds. It isn’t reloading during the entire time it is on them. I’ve personally never had difficulty destroying the shield drone or getting hunters into areas where the shield drone isn’t effective. Sunny provides offensive sustain but her actual damage is quite low now. It can be easy to get stage 1 strikes if you fight in heavily favored terrain.


Capacity is definitely good, much more annoying than reload. Nothing is scarier than turning around and seeing a triple boosted Griffin followed by a lightspeed assault and medic.
First time i actually felt helpless as a monster ;-;

The bug is that it hits both the hunter and the ground, initiating both Impact and Shrapnel damage simultaneously, causing an instaincap due to hunter health being so finite


The damage I’m seeing on the shield might just be the bug then. Thank god the shield drone is a thing then because it does one shot you XD.


I think the problem with the shield is that when the rock makes contact it blocks pre-emptively, mitigating all damage since the impact damage hasn’t been dealt yet


I haven’t had this happen. When I’m playing with and against Sunny with a Goliath I see rock throw deal damage before the shield hits. It may just be lag issues that you aren’t getting damage.


Which monster are you playing ?

Because with Goliath, I tried to destroy the drone without use any skill (only with left clic) and I did not see the lifebar moving at all. So I have to use a leap smash + Firebreah.

Just right after I destroyed it and wasted 2 of my 3/4 skills, another drone is launched and ready to shield in 5 seconds…