Instead of nerfing everything why don't we suggest a few buffs instead?


Hey all there have been quite a few nerf threads floating around, and though I disagree with quite a few of them, I think a few small buffs should bring those complaints in line. Feel free to suggest any others you can think of.

Boost Goliath basic attack damage by 10%. He is a good monster but is currently overshadowed by the others. Making him hit a little harder should increase his viability.

Make Griffin’s harpoon a little more durable and or decrease its reload time. Maybe 2 or 3 attacks to break it. Just to bring him a little more towards parity with Abe.

More of a bug fix than a buff but optimise controls for Bucket’s UAV. Elevation control is currently quite wonky. Same with Kraken’s flight.

Buff Hyde’s flamethrower damage by 10%. It has the shortest range but isn’t appreciably that much more powerful. Maybe shorten the duration of gas grenades but keep the overall damage so it has higher dps.

Optimise Daisy’s path finding around rocks or maybe increase her climb speed. She seems to have a little difficulty navigating rocky environments.

Maybe increase the duration of the weak spot of Vals sniper rifle.

I’ve got half a mind to suggest rebalancing Parnell by lowering his shotgun damage and buffing his rocket damage so that he becomes more of a mid ranged fighter. Helps to differentiate him better from Hyde and Markov.


Nerfs are not a bad thing when they are done properly. Everybody just has a bad knee jerk reaction to them because it means something is being made less effective and people hate when things are taken away from them. Buffs can be just as bad too and if all you do is buff things then the game can go way out of balance because other things have to be buff to compensate. For example if you buff griffins harpoon gun in the manner you suggest then it would be nearly impossible to escape as the monster.


To answer the title of your topic.

Power creep.

If you only buff rather than nerf numbers become more skewed over time.

P.S. don’t dis on Goliath. He’s not overshadowed by the others. He just likes a good brawl, and prefers winning with a little style and badassitude.