Instead of Legacy game mode, why not a map variation?



So, while the vast majority of people clearly do not want Legacy Evolve to make a reappearance in Stage 2 (and understandably so) perhaps adding a little of the old ways wouldnt be so bad if done correctly. Mostly I see people who want the old darkness, the old atmosphere, the old feelings of creepiness and fear you got going around every corner thinking there could be a house sized Monster there. So, instead of making it it’s own game mode or anything like that, why not make a couple of map variations for it? They can use the old style of map, the dark, the foliage, etc, but they keep the new style of play. This way, the old Legacy players can live in fond memories, while the new F2P crowds can just get a spooky scary map that actually uses their flashlights.

I bet most people dont even know there are flashlights on all the Hunters.


I doubt a slightly darker map will send the nostalgia shakes down my pants.

Old dome mechanics, old dropship timers, stronger wildlife and simply lack of experience at that point all played a part in making the original Evolve a genuinely creepy experience when we started.


We have missed this as well. We have a new map variant you may like :wink:


I wonder how long we’ll have to wait


I was just about to make the same exact topic until I read this. Seriously, Legacy map designs are underrated and deserve to return.