Instant win (PC)


Won a game as soon as it started.

Standard match as hunter into a hunt lobby. I ready up and notice the other three hunters have also readied but the monster hasn’t. The timer runs out and no monster displays before the load screen.

After the load screen, we all just get a black screen. We wait for a bit and suddenly it says that the hunters have killed the monster and we watch the dropship zoom away. Laughs were had, monster wasn’t present in chat, and the replay said it was a 16 second game with no people on the map at any point.

I’m assuming it was some edge case with the monster disconnecting near the end of the lobby timer or right as it ended. Normally it would spawn a bot, or spawn him and immediately have a bot take over. We never saw any message of the monster disconnecting at any point; he just wasn’t there after the lobby.

I unfortunately don’t have any screenshots but you could probably find something by looking for 16 second games in my match history (username same as forum).


Damn. I knew the bots were bad, didn’t know they were bad enough to die in sixteen seconds. :stuck_out_tongue: