Instant pouncing op


dude you need to do something about the pounce, got people jumping, flying, running and pouncing. a pounce is done when sneaking not when jumping around like a bunny hopper in CoD, add a 1-2 second prep time and a restriction to that, cause given the mobility these monsters have, and the fact they can pounce you on the ground despite you being way above them, that’s ridiculous.


Whats ridiculous about it?

Youre not getting caught out by yourself without your team to shoot the monster are you?


Ridiculousness about sneak pounce it that it sometimes is insta pounce, almost no jumping anim, just bum and you have no chance do avoid it. You can dodge, you can be hang in air, but you can be pounced regardless of it. It pissing me off when I jump from legde and I’m in my airy way and then monster grabs me from legde and we stuck literally in air in sneak pounce anim. Or I’m invisible and he spam sneak pounce blindly and grabs me :frowning:


It’s so easy to counter that it really doesn’t matter in combat. Also, it has a 3 seconds cooldown. Also, it keeps the monster busy, while the team is doing nice damage. I really don’t see the problem with it.

Jump like a CoD bunny hopper and you’re out of stamina in 3 seconds. What are we talking about?


Pouncing isn’t overpowered… The monster can’t pounce you if you’re near at least one other team member. Evolve is all about teamwork, without it you will lose just about any game you play. You should never be alone in Evolve as a hunter, (Unless your mates are dead). Some classes can actually prevent you from getting pounced, (such as Markov with his lightning gun). Even if the monster pounces you, the second you put a bullet in him he hops off his prey just about immediately.



Theres bunny hopping in CoD?

And yeah, the pounce hitbox is retardedly huge.


The only problem is that it’s called “sneak pounce” making people assume for some reason that it must be done while sneaking. It should just be called pounce because it’s a huge fucking monster and it doesn’t really need to be sneaking to pounce anything. Like, if I wanted to pounce a dog, I could pounce it. One of it’s friends would have to bite me for me to get up. So, it seems okay to me.


It’s way too fast IMO. If it’s apparently as ineffective in battle as some people think it is, then why can’t the time it takes to execute be increased? That way, a lone hunter is still easily pounced and it can’t be spammed to the dick in battle. It’s speed now is atrociously fast.


i have to ask again

why is kraken pounce 27 fucking meters long ?



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Behemoth seems to favor the insta ponce lol


I think there should be a feature implemented that makes pounce a stealth attack like it’s intended to be. If a monster is sneaking and attempts to pounce and a hunter sees it coming and shoots the pounce should be interrupted, therefore the monster can’t pounce if it is currently being shot at.

Right now there are a lot of players abusing the pounce mechanic, specifically Behemoth players. It should be altered so it’s only really effective when sneaking up on solo hunters, because right now it’s a pretty viable tactic in battle.


Sadly I can’t pounce worth shit. XD


The only thing that should be changed is kraken pouncing from 20-30 meters away. Happened to me twice the other day and I knew what he was doing. I would approach but well out of what should be pounce range and on top I added a whole backwards thrust before it pounced and both times he got me. His animation doesn’t even make it halfway to me.

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Assuming the hitbox is getting fixed to be more consistent, I think Sneak Pounce is fine as it is


if your a good player you wouldnt lose line of sight of your team in the first place…problem solved


i’m not losing line of sight of my team, my team is there, he pounces each of us when low health or some crap despite how much he’s being shot.

kraken can do it mid air when flying.

there isn’t an animation anymore, if it were just me being away from team i wouldn’t even post this.


No, no he can’t


I have to admit, I do hate the Kraken’s insane pounce, people have used it as a traversal when they are slowed down. Everyone other monsters pounce is fair and balanced. It’s not hard to shoot him once.


I think he means when the kraken pounces and both you and the kraken fly into the air while hes in the animation.