Instant Death (Without incapacitations / strikes)


I’m not sure if this has been addressed elsewhere. I did a quick search and didn’t find anything, so forgive me if this is an “old” question/concern.

I’ve played a few rare games where players seemed to instantly die without any incapacitations at all. That is, they never did fall to the ground where they could ever be picked up - they were standing, fighting, and being attacked, and in the next second, they were entirely dead. Is there some mechanic in the game that I’m unaware of that kills a player outright with no dropping at all, and no strikes on the person? Or, is this a bug?


Were you fighting a Monster? Or did they get eaten by a megamouth? Cuz if its a megamouth, they dont get incapped, they get, well, Eaten


That happens to me and from what ive gather its made so that like 1 in 10 matches this happens cause sometimes as the hunters youll do like X4 damage its made that way so i think players can get Xp easy.


Nah I know that about Megamouths and plants and tyrants, etc. - the monster, yeah. Was in a match for instance against Kraken who was skilled, and it was REALLY early in the match (within the first 2 minutes) and no one got struck by wildlife or anything. First encounter with Kraken and assault instantly dies the moment the monster gets some damage on him. Never fell to the floor where he could be picked up, etc. - was instant.


That doesn’t strike me as a viable answer - that it’s not a bug, it’s a feature? So that monsters get easy experience? Haha.


Thats very peculiar.
Was it only the assault or did it happen to more than just him?


I don’t recall to be honest - I know for sure it happened to assault, and at one point I got sneak pounced and needed a pickup (I didn’t instantly die, was dropped). I wasn’t sure what happened to others, though.


Would you happen to have Video of said occurence? The devs like to have stuff that they can look at to help identify problems


Unfortunately, no. I have about 133 hours of playtime, and have only seen this incidence two or three times now, I think, but the most obvious one (where I was 100% certain assault had 0 downs, 0 strikes) was this one today. The previous time was about 3-4 days ago, when a medic died instantly with no incapacitation and vocalized frustration about it, before ragequitting (I think he was right that he had no downs, but wasn’t positive).

I could try to start recording some games to see if I run into it again. I was curious if there was some mechanic I wasn’t aware of to explain how a monster instantly kills a hunter with no downs, and I guess it sounds like there isn’t - that if it happens, it’s probably a glitch. If I do get video of it, I can certainly share. If anyone else experiences it too, that might be helpful to know?


It just happened to me in my last round either its a bug or effect ill ask my friend ghost hes has a bro that works there.


If you get vidyah of it, just post it here and tag @MrStrategio, he likes that stuff


I’ve encountered that weird bug to a certain extent. Was playing against an extremely aggressive goliath who had a bad internet connection with my premade. When I was low health (no strikes) he sent a rock throw my way and it hit the ground in front of me. Lo and behold I was left incapped with only a sliver of health remaining, and proceeded to die as soon as he swiped me again.

No clip, unfortunately.