Inspired by the Clownfish Wraith


More below…


Goliath can have the Sharks Skin maybe? Behemoth have the Turtle skin. Make the whole cast :wink:

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Heh, my son said the same thing about the Behemoth turtle. I’ll give it a shot.


I would totally get that Kraken skin.

Plzz give brohemoth Bruce skins ^.^



A turtle skin for Behemoth would be awesome! I would get it in heart beat. TRS should consider that Kraken skin,and the turtle one if a design if made. ha,

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I like this idea. ^.^

Goliath in a Bruce the shark skin.


Behemoth a bit like Crush the turtle.



TRS doesn’t need an art team…

Just mooch off the free talent the forums provide…

And put $2.99 on it…


Yep - I haven’t bought any skins yet, but I would have to buy all four if they came out like this. Although I could see legal issues if they made it looks this close to the movie lol

Totally agree - they should have some fan inspired skins. Tons of people would be putting up ideas. Like community vote contests or something. Community pick gets created and the creator gets the skin free?

YES :’( its so beautiful

One thing though… Bruce’s eyes turned black whilst in rage mode

Well the skins are based off of real life aquatic animals, so s long as the skin pack, or individual skin, does not have anything in the title regarding Finding Nemo, there would not be any legal issues, You don’t need permission from animals to use their color schemes. ha. There is clownfish Wraith, there could be turtle Behemoth, or maybe a specific turtle species like leatherback Behomoth, or hawkbill Beheomoth, great white Goliath, and Blue Tang Kraken ( Dory’s a Blue Tang Fish).

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We have cosmic Kraken…he kind of resembles Pearl.

I want the cosmic skins, but I haven’t seen them on PC yet. Also, I am not very pleased with the method of purchasing an individual skin on steam. All the individual skins only show up in the in game store, not on steam, so when you go to purchase a skin, they don’t just let you use your debit card. You have to put a minimum of $5 into your funds, and then they charge another dollar for who knows what. It’s quite annoying, because I only wanted to spend $2.99 on sandstone, and I ended up paying $6… Now you could say that I could save the remaining balance for another skin… well everytime I want to buy a skin, I have to put another minimum of $5 since I do not have enough. So the next skin will take $6 out of my bank account again. Probably not an issue for you if you are on console though, so ignore my rant. haha.

You’re not the only one irritated by how Steam wallet works. You have my sympathy.

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It’s nice, but it kind of looks like Sandstone Behemoth. Hmm, some other creature with a different color scheme might be better. Star fish Behemoth? a pinkish redish color scheme? haha

This skin is indeed, beautiful! I would without a a doubt purchase this skin. I like how it changes the underbelly! TRS should hire you as their skin designer.