Inspirations for Hunter Design?

So, Van Pelt from Jumanji has interesting similarities to Griffin. I assume he must of had some influence in the final design of the character?

For the look and aesthetics did you guys use real life model/actors for the looks of the Hunters like you guys did in the first Left 4 Dead?


Admittedly I thought they looked similar. My friends and I talked about how amazing it would be if TRS had Pelt voice Griffin or at least someone modding in similar lines haha

Inspiration for Bucket:

No but really, there are a few characters in the game so far that remind me of either Billy Gibbons or Dusty Hill, which is why Griffin will always be a Sharp Dressed Man! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know val was inspired by Valkyries from Norse mythology. That’s how she became a battle medic with an angel wing style jetpack.

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I ain’t got time to bleed


Unlike Francis, he doesn’t scream like a little girl whenever he goes down.

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But how does he feel about vans?

That Jumanji character looks the way he does because they’re mirroring the classic big game hunter from over a century of British colonialism in Africa and India. I mean that was an iconic figure in real life and fiction since 1858, it’s not something people saw for the first time in Jumanji.

The Jumanji dude is the civilian version of these guys.

Note the pith helmets and Color Sergeant Bourne’s muttonchops.

Griffin just has the muttonchops. No pith helmet, no khaki outfit. He’s otherwise the classic, iconic Australian bushman. The stereotype Crocodile Dundee was making fun of. I mean we here in America saw Crocodile Dundee and saw something original, but in Australia that character is making fun of a real cultural tradition.

Griffin is a mashup of that colonial British hunter, the White Hunter, and the Australian bushman.


Do you guys use real life models/actors for the faces like you guys did in L4D?

Very early on we used models as facial references for four of the heroes, but we dropped that after the third or fourth revision. By the time we went to 12 heroes, we’d dropped that part of the process.

Am I the only one to think Markov was actually a Ghost Buster ?..

No but… Seriously !
Think about his lightning gun and arc mines, and put a big white sheet with two holes on the Kraken, and you’ll see it too !

A KKKraken? that would be just wrong! but here is my comparison:

Would have loved Sid Haig to voice Hank! Haha shit the bed Kraken!

Thank Hank is pretty solid. He needs a bigger beard!

How noone connected that dot yet I’ll never know

I’m glad that I’m not the only one who noticed this…