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Short Intro: So I know that recently the community has been speculating that there is room in Evolve for a spider-like monster. I found that with some parts of the communities rationale, I can agree, it would open up space for an all new type of movement ability, and it’s just down right scary cool. I decided that although I would take inspiration from the spider, it wouldn’t be enough to make the monster wholly a spider, that’s not very original or cool. But I have an idea that is original and very cool

The Basilisk

The Basilisk is an exceedingly cruel and calculating monster that makes use of an array of crippling close range attacks, and area of effect abilities to decimate his prey. He excels at obtaining the advantage in almost any situation, but he thrives most when he sets the terms for fighting before it begins. It should be noted that this monster can crawl on any surface and can attack from any angle.

The Basilisk has rocky brown skin

He pins his prey down with his back limbs and front claws, and using his head, ripping strips of flesh from the carcass, occasionally using it’s back limbs like toothpicks to pick up scraps and fork them into his mouth.

He walks on 6 limbs, sometimes just on four when he lifts the front two up like hands. When he walks on his 6 limbs it is similar to the way a spider walks.

He folds his extra legs (back limb, and back legs) into his back or sides, and crouches down creeping forward on four limbs to reduce the number of feet on the ground and lowering himself close to the ground. The folding in of the limbs also reduces the amount of space he takes up effectively making himself smaller. He can also sneak while on walls and on the ceilings. In the case of being on the ceiling he leaves the limbs on his back unfolded and attached to the ceiling, but folds in all his other limbs to his sides and under belly.

Sneak Attack/ Pounce
He quickly leaps forward the limbs on his back stretched in the air. When he lands on his prey he brings his front claws and back limbs down on the target. He can initiate this from a wall or ceiling.

Basic Attacks
He swipes and slashes at his target with his front two limbs, sometimes delivering swift strikes with his back limbs that are normally posed above him like scorpion stingers. For heavier melee attacks, he will reel back and stab his back limbs into the ground together through the target. When he finishes off a target some times he will stab his front claws and back limbs into the target ripping it apart. Other times he will stab his back limbs into the target tossing them into the air before using his front claws to snatch them out of the air and slam them on the ground.

Movement Ability - The Basilisk is able to pause while climbing walls, as well as change direction. He can climb sideways with his body parallel to the ground, climb down, and climb along ceilings. He can also transfer between ground and ceiling on bridges. He has a one stamina bar that steadily depletes as long as he is moving on a wall or ceiling. When climbing regularly he has the fastest climb speed, but when he makes different movements while climbing his speed is reduced to about a normal speed. When he is on the ground, he can make short quick hops forward, he can also target a wall or ceiling and jump a further distance to that type of target. Hops use chunks of the stamina bar rather than slowly depleting it.

When he crawls on wall in any fashion he’s uses all 8 limbs, bending the two on his his back down to either side to stabilize him self. When he transfers from wall to ceiling or vise versa, he uses his prehensile clawed tipped tail to swing himself to the adjacent surface. When he crawls along a ceiling his body is orientated the same way as he would if he were on the ground as he does not flip his body over. Instead he thrusts the limbs on his back into the ceiling surface, and rotates his back legs to do the same allowing him to hang, hands free.

Tracks - While on the ground the Basilisk will leave tracks from his feet, with occasional tail trails. While climbing on walls and not sneaking, his tail will occasionally dribble out a short trail of web like thread that sticks to walls and ceilings. This makes it a bit easier for hunters to track the unorthodox paths that he can take, as the white thread is white and will stick out on most surfaces. One the other hand the trails do not give a direction traveled like tracks as they are just threads and they are scarce enough, occurring sporadically, in that I’d doesn’t leave a definite trail.

All of his abilities are multifunctional, capable of full frontal assault, to complex trap set ups, to defensive and escape tools. The Basilisk is all about adapting to the situation and using it to his advantage.


He slams his hands on any surface parallel to his body, and begins to vibrate, causing that surface to rumble violently in a medium to large radius around him. These tremors will damage and slow other organisms, that are in contact with the ground in a close to medium range. Organisms directly under him will take a significant amount of extra damage for the duration that they are under him. Tremors on the will persist for a few seconds even if he moves and follow him for the duration. If activated on a wall or ceiling, the tremors will erode the surface causing rocks to be dislodged and fall to the ground in salvos. For a short while afterwards his attack speed will be increased.

Spring Pounce

He jumps from whatever surface that he is on, directly to his target within a range, be it a wall, ceiling, hunter, or wildlife (jumps made from a ceiling will reach the target no matter what the distance, as long as the target is below him). Upon landing any organisms in the area will be slightly displaced and damaged. He can Spring 3 times in quick succession within a certain amount of time before this ability goes on CD. If he lands on an organism on the last Pounce and doesn’t move he will pin them to the ground.

Smoke Bomb

He deteriorates the surface of his skin shedding it. He then explodes a thin layer of shredded skin that expands rapidly from his body to cover a medium area around him hanging in the air like a hazy cloud. Organisms in a small area around him close to him take damage from the explosion. Organisms in a medium to large area around him will be caught under the thin web-like skin and significantly slowed with vision slightly obstructed. Even jet pack intakes will be clogged by the skin particles and cause them to use 30% more gas than normal for a short duration. For a short while afterwards his movement speed will be increased. If he is on a wall or ceiling and sheds his skin, it will not explode off him, but it will quietly drift down. If he sheds his skin and no organism immediately makes contact with the suspended hazy cloud of particles, the scraps of shredded skin will become transparent and persist in that area.

Special note: When the Basilisk wears a skin, the color of the skin with affect the color of Smoke Bomb

He spews a wave of thick, bubbly, gaseous liquid out of his clawed tail. This wave will splash down in a target area and the corrode the ground in that location gradually spreading out to a limit. Organisms that are in this area continually take damage as long as they are within the pool of toxic sludge, this effect will immediately stop the instant that they exit the area. This pool will also build up gas, producing a bulging bubble in the center that will eventually explode into a geyser dealing extra damage but depleting the pool. His skin is susceptible to the effects of this toxic sludge as well. If he targets himself his body will become engulfed in it. The corrosive salve makes is melee attacks stronger boosting the damage that he can put out.

The Basilisk is for the cunning, scheming, cruel, and sadistic players. While some monsters are upfront, and others are hit and run, he prefers to fight on his terms. He relishes in his skill to lead the hunters into traps, and whale on them while they are in a disadvantaged state. While he is especially adept at creating elaborate traps that really show his strengths he can also do full frontal assaults and obliterate multiple enemies at once even if they are not grouped together by controlling the field of battle. His ability to control zones of the battle field make him a dangerous opponent that is hard to adapt to as he keeps them guessing what horror he will subject them to next.

The Basilisk excels when he he allows his abilities to soften up his prey before fully engaging and going in to finish them off.

He is like the Tactician class from D&D and he brings a host of crowd control abilities to control the battle field. Like a tactician he can deal with numerous enemies by controlling the environment of the battle with different area of effect abilities that can change the tide of the battle, and choosing when and where to use his abilities. In addition similar to a tactician, he is best when he takes in the bigger picture of the fight area and uses it in conjunction with his abilities. Furthermore a few of his abilities slightly buff himself, allowing him to further increase his advantage. He is able to use his movement ability to afford him new unorthodox angles at which to attack to surprise and gain the advantage, or retreat. With new angles of attack he as access to new strategies of all kinds in which he can use his abilities with these new conditions.

He is not the most tanky monster, he is meant to use the utility of his abilities to gain an advantage over his opponents in any manner that he can. But that does not mean that he is not durable, so while he would not have the most armor, he does have a lot of health. What he lacks in armor and outright damage he makes up for with utility. Because of this he can really duke it out if he needs to, but he is not the hit an run type. His abilities require set up if he wants to use them to maximum effectiveness, so he is better off luring the hunters into a trap of his own design rather than hitting them with a few attacks and running, that strategy is not as effective with him. The Basilisk is able to show his true strength in moderately prolonged battles where the utility of his abilities can really show their effects. This is because after all, his abilities corrode and rot his targets in different ways, and these effects take time, but also will ramp up over time too, increasing his advantage.

Spring Pounce and his movement ability allow him to quickly skirt around the edge of the battle avoiding damage, staying out of harms way, while he lets his preset abilities take effect on the hunters. He can use these same abilities to hard engage and go all out in the hunter’s faces, or disengage. This agility gives him great mobility in short burst, but it doesn’t work as well over sustained periods.

Inspiration, and Design Philosophy and Rationale
I know that recently the community has been speculating that there is room in Evolve for a spider-like monster. I found that with some parts of the communities rationale, I can agree, it would open up space for an all new type of movement ability, and it’s just down right scary cool. I decided that although I would take inspiration from the spider, it wouldn’t be enough to make the monster wholly a spider, that’s not very original or cool. In addition many 98% of spiders poison their victims. Poison usually deals high damage over time, and persist for a while. In my opinion I’m not sure this is the healthiest ability to have, this type of skill could become very broken and OP in evolve to I decided stayed away from that too. It’s also a boring way to kill hunters too. I didn’t just want to make a regular spider, things such as webs are not all that alien, so I also stayed away from this. I decided to supplement that parts if the spider that I omitted with inspiration from geckos. I realized that by comparing two seemingly unlike animals, I found that they had a lot in common. I was able to pin point what type of skills I wanted and create a truly unique monster. Both of them are able to climb almost any surface in any way, they are hunters and pounce on their prey, both of them shed or molt their skin. With my inspiration sources tagged down I was able to start creating my concept. Because I focused more on how I could incorporate things from both sources that would be healthy and fit together, I didn’t focus so much on how it could fit a combat, or element category. To be truthful if feels more free this way, like it doesn’t really fit into any one category. I finally settled on corrosion, as spiders are often associated with this theme for a number of different reasons. Firstly locations where spiders make their homes can be considered corroded or sullied by their webs, and thematically spiders like to live in dank corroded places. In addition spiders flood their prey with digestive enzymes, corroding them and making them easier to eat like the Wraith does.

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