Insect monster?

Am I the only one who keeps imagining an insect like monster? I keep seeing the acklay from star wars combined with the bugs from starship troopers. Anyone else have ideas for one?
*more imagining than seeing

I think an insect is likely if you’ve seen the cave concept art. There’s so so many insect variations which gives practically endless types of monsters you could have.

I can’t even start to imagine what could be a good insect monster, but I’m thinking there needs to be part spider mixed in since generally people are terrified of them. It could have a web ability that makes it hard to hunters to walk over a certain area, or a poison jabber (shelob style) that stops an incapacitated player from dying, but lets you drag them off and potentially set a trap. Or alternatively they could be a source of food if you are in a weak state.

I’m out of ideas for now but yeah insects are cool


I hope they allow the consumption of dead hunters, it seems too, pardon the pun, alien to not allow you to eat them because they are prey as well, but have yet to see or hear if that will happen. I’d see a poison jabber as something that wouldn’t keep someone out of the action for longer than the 2 minutes. You could leave the other team underpowered for too long. Maybe more of a disorientating poison that makes your screen warp and sway or a DOT?

You can definitely eat dead hunters, possibly incapacitated ones too, not entirely sure on that. Picking up an incapacitated hunter and eating him/her whole would be pretty sweet

If you can eat incapacitated, they should make it so you can’t do it right away. Maybe after they’ve reached halfway through their bleedout, otherwise the monster would always immediately eat the hunter giving no chance for revives. Though I imagine it would be pretty awful being the hunter watching the monster shoving you down it’s throat.

I think if you’re really far away from another hunter and you have full health whilst downed, then the monster should be able to eat you.

Yeah a first person perspective of it would be pretty cool too. I’m hoping there’s plenty of execution animations to use on hunters

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Well I figure that if they do add them in, each would need it’s own. But if there was only 1 per monster, they would get really old really fast so they’d need several per monster. I think the distance would be hard to set for an immediate execution, maybe if you can only do the animation if you aren’t taking damage and taking damage would interrupt it. Good way to encourage teams to stay close together

What do you mean by “distance would be hard to set”?

How close the other hunters needed to be to prevent the ability to insta-eat. Sorry bad phrasing

Oh I think I understand you now, so basically you need a teammate to save you, rather than having a set distance which defines where you can perform your execution move. That sounds more likely to happen actually.

There’s like a sneak attack that works similar to that, just you don’t have to be incapacitated to have it used on you

Yeah I heard about it but I want to know exactly how that would work without being too op, because it sounds like once one person goes down, the rest go fast too or they end up having one guy left who needs to hide. Maybe just does a massive but not lethal amount of damage? And yeah, having a teammate save you would make sense seeing as how there are other parts in the game where you need to rescue your teammates such as the venus flytraps and the tyrant

If you’re with teammates then they can free you from the monster. I think it’s like the hunter in left for dead, if you get caught by it and you have nobody around to save you then you don’t stand a chance

Of course, if you’re ever caught alone with the monster it sounds like you’re screwed lol, but yeah that sounds like a good way to keep the monster from getting a lucky hit against the hunters. Should still do good damage even if they free the hunter

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I think a dev said hunter consumption was possible by the way.

Yep, I’ve already mentioned it further up this topic I think

Found these on the internet, the website who posted them claim that this is from Turtle Rock. Looks interesting and seems pretty legit. That claw looks like the one on the cave concept art

I’d want to see more on this first. But interesting indeed.

Reminds me of Kabuto from Pokémon. Looks like he’s shooting acid maybe?