Insanely high damage from hunters


This has happened to me twice now, both times I was playing Defend as Goliath. I went in both times to take out a generator with full armor and 60-75% health and was killed by the hunters in less than 10 or 15 seconds. I didn’t even realize what was happening until I was already dead. The second time there were turrets around the generator in addition to the hunters, but the first time I had already destroyed all the turrets.


Which Hunters did they have? In particular, which Support and Assault?


Without armor turrets can chew through your health like cheese. Be wary of this combined with cabot… its pretty grotesque damage if you sit there for more than a couple seconds


It was Markov, Val, Maggie, and Hank.

Also, I should have mentioned this was solo mode both times as well.

As I said, I had full armor going in both times. First time was on the second generator. All turrents had been destroyed. I did a leap smash from a cliff to the ground next to the generator, immediately followed by a rock throw onto the generator and then melee’d the generator a couple of times. At this point I realized all of my armor had vanished and I had gone from just over half health to maybe 10%. I tried to jump away, but I just jumped in place and didn’t go anywhere. Then I charged, but I only made it about two steps before I died.

The second time was on the final generator. Only one or two turrets had been destroyed. The rest were still active. Full armor and 75% health going in. I jumped across the catwalk onto the round platform around the generator, charged through a turret, leap smashed on it, and threw a rock at it, all in quick succession. Once again, I realized all my armor was gone and I was down to half a health bar. I tried to jump away, but didn’t go anywhere again. I died before I landed.

Also might be worth noting that these are the only two times I’ve played defend, so it’s 2 for 2 so far.


I have actually seen with cabot and Hyde just thread my armour away like wet paper


Maybe you landed on a bunch of mines? Idk if that could have done it all but I’m pretty sure it would wipe your armor.


Markov’s mines,Hanks Orbital Barrage?

Those 2 things alone can leave a Stage 3 full armor/health monster a cripple.