Insane bug happened last night


I was partied with a friend and we were in the skirmish queue. Without anyone else joining our party, the game loads and we’re put into a game in progress. All normal until it loaded. In the game, the support and assault were dead when we loaded but the dropship was on the way in. My friend was stuck in an observer mode, but I had an even weirder experience. Instead of the support character on the ship waiting to jump, it was a generic guy dressed in some kind of armor and red helmet, not one of the normal hunters! Things got even more weird when we dropped in, I had Parnel’s loadout! So in the game, there’s me as generic red armor guy who stole Parnel’s equipment and Markov!!! Two assault class characters.

That’s not the end, the Kraken eventually incapped everyone except for me, but despite still being alive, the game ended and awarded the monster the victory. I was unfortunately not recording at that time, When the game ended, I recieved class progress for bucket and my friend who didn’t even play got Kraken progress for watching Daisy…


I think you played as an Ebonstar soldier or a civvie troop. I know that both of them are in game, but I don’t know how you could control one… Interesting. As for being alive but the Monster winning, neither the soldier nor the civvie count as an extra team mate, and the game will end if all but them die, I think. Who’s lines did he have, if any?


Yes, this is exactly it. It had given me the Ebonstar character. I was holding Parnel’s shotty. He didn’t have any lines… just silent. So weird. I have a feeling it was caused because there was too many people in the game and it assigned me the next bot controlled character. I’m gonna record more in the future, I really wish I got this on camera.


This happened to me in Hunt. I joined in the last 60 seconds as a dead character. Spawnedwith a teammate as a soldier with a rocket launcher and shotty. The game ended when the last two real hunters died.


They have it under the known bugs now. It happened a few nights ago, we lost the Assault because I was an ebonstar. It looks like he should do massave damage but turns out he does next to none. Somehow we won by waiting on the timer… We couldn’t kill the monster but he couldn’t kill us either.