Inquiring about Kala's strength, or lack thereof



I was just wondering, and I thought I would ask the community here since it’s actually pretty friendly and not a toxic cesspool like most other places;

Do you think Kala is underpowered, a little bit too weak, balanced, a little too strong, or overpowered? I’m talking about Stage 2 Evolve on PC mainly, but she’s very similar on the consosle Legacy version too.

Just curious as to what everyone thinks.

Thank you.


I think she’s balanced she just needs a good player using her and good teammates to use her armour reducer and teleport pads to thier fullest potential.

And of course some hunters work better with her more than others such as laz or emet compared to Caira or slim.


As said, Kala is pretty strong in the right hands, but she requires good teammates. Ones that know how to use the teleporters. Ones that know to burst fire when the armour is gone. Ones that know how to avoid damage


Also something to note her red orbs have the highest support dps.


Kala is actually really balanced, but she takes a bit of skill to make her work. The Kalaporters (Teleporters) are a really high utility tool. They can be used to easily escape a Monster or traverse the map quickly. When mixed with a fantastic Trapper, Kala can fully reset a fight by teleporting the team away from the Monster and letting everyone heal. She can also last the longest when the rest of the team is dead because of these, as it’s very difficult to find someone who vanishes into thin air.

The armor reducer does what it sounds like it does. It lets you go for immediate health damage instead of having to waste the beginning of a dome on knocking armor off. It’s also good for Monsters that always run, so you can ensure at least some small chip damage even if you only get really short engagements.

The Siren Missiles are the best Support weapon, by far. Leading the Monster into some that pre-placed and charged can do a whole lot of damage. Never understood the purpose of their “reload” function. But they strong, so I suppose that had to be a way to balance them.