Injustice 2 Thread


They need more Constantine in their lives



Superman>Magic fixed.



Doctor Fate is good enough :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah, it was right the first time.

Have you seen Justice League vs Teen Titans? Even Batman was prepared, that’s how cool Batman is


I know he is succetible to magic,but how can you cast a spell on a guy who can move faster the sound and light,and also can destroy you from the other side of the solar system?

Nah man,Batman is a Gary Stu now,he is a over rated.


I will kill you



Doctor fate is not good enough. I hate the character of doctor fate and I hate what his fighting style looks like lol… that’s my opinion though :smile:


I love how Scarecrow is really just a dude with a bag on his head wailing on people with actual super powers.


@The_Specialist You’re letting them kill Martha…Find him…Save Martha…

@Orangemoon44 Not exactly a “dude with a bag on his head”(I would love to see them thinking they were fighting someone but they are in fact fighting no one)


Constantine would be nice,i mean they put on Scarecrow,a character that have so little amount of fighting skill and they still make it look legit


well ‘magic’ moves beyond light and distances
(plus all they have to do is zap him once and the story can take place)


But the caster needs to cast the spell,Superman could zap them to space or frie their brain before they cast the spell words or moves.Superman could literally move at “normal speed” while everyone is frozen if he moves on super speed,is even worse if the writter respects the laws of physic(at least the little left) because Superman could destroy the planet if he jogs on speed of light.


I’m not a comic person but from what I could assertain with minor research is that scarecrow is just a normal regular dude but that fart gas he uses makes everyone hallucinate seeing him as the big sexy monster and believe and react as if he was hitting them with the cray cray scyth. Which is why when his super move ends it’s just him in everyday regular homie mode for a second before proofing up into monster again.


Legit,it’s right.


You guys should check out Maximillion_DOOD on YouTube. He’s hands down the best fighting game youtuber ever and he’s had some great coverage of Injustice thus far. He’ll have some dope gameplay when it launches as well, so keep an eye on him.


yeah for me Max is the best Fighting Game Youtuber i love his funny commentarys in his Gameplays ^^ i hv watched all of hi Injustice 1 Week Ofs Videos just because of his commentarys :stuck_out_tongue: cant wait to see hisInjustice 2 Week Ofs


Nailed it!!


All hail Darkseid

Darkseid now has the title of “Best Supermove in the game”


I don’t know, I still really dig Flash’s super. That’s definitely righ behind it for me though.