Injustice 2 Thread


Bane? Big guy?


Bane? Big guy?


They better bring this to the PC


What?! lol Now I know this game is a joke.

Looks at date



So Hyped for the game :stuck_out_tongue:


It looks so real


Especially since I can run it :smiley:


[quote=“The_Specialist, post:87, topic:108306”]
Especially since I can run it :smiley:


My second main


Finished Finally ^^

anytime i will make my Hairs like her xD


It turned out pretty good, huh? I like it, but Harley’s looking a bit more chubby in your drawing. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it turned out pretty good :slight_smile:



That Ult is so good…or should I say so grodd? :stuck_out_tongue:


that Game will be so awesome O.O btw love the Harley Quinn gears we have seen so far :stuck_out_tongue:
and yeah Mr. Freeze is confirmed to be a Premier Skin for captain Cold u can see a pic of him if they show Cold`s gears i hope we will get his Arkham Origin or Arkham City outfit




It’s good to be bad.


Superman:"Allow me to give you a proper demonstration"
Superman is not only THE hero but also a based one.


I’m a bit confused…so Superman and Batman are working together or no?


Yes,but because Batman needs Superman and the Regime to defeate Brainiac.