Injustice 2 Thread


I know but i still hope that Mr Freeze will be own Character that Captain Cold Supermove will looks wierd on him just Image how big Mr.Freeze is :stuck_out_tongue: and if He is just a Skin he cant have his own Gears -.-


The Ult was actually really weird. He was firing at the ground making an ice path. But it continued to grow when he didn’t fire at it…which is impossible for him


~pops in to see if there is anything Red Hood related~

not yet ._.


Hmm,i wonder how will red hood fight ?.Not knowing him too much


Guns…like lots of gun.

Similar to Harley but more sophisticated I assume


Then he don’t really seem appeal to me.I always look for creative, having character that different in smaller detail does not thrill me as much as a new,different character.Of course i will love it overtime,but i not too fond of adding too many robin character


He would use counter-attacks,quick shots to open opportunites for attack,he would use dual pistols,granades and he would use strong attacks with medium speed.
Hope he gets the Arkham Knight skin,love that suit and persona.

He is not a Robin anymore,he is the “heavy hitter” of the bat-family,the most ruthless(at least for bad guys) and he is the best fighter of the bat-family (Dick is the best acrobat,Tim is the smartest and Damian is the less emotional).


Wait, is this game coming to the PC?


Nope. NetherRealm hates PC. I’m surprised they put Mortal Kombat XL on Steam. If I2 does come to PC, it’ll probably be in December.


Anybody know if the full roster for release is out, or if they’ll add more before next month?


Nope, no clue :confused:

Imma be updating the Page tomorrow so it’s cleaner…because cleaner makes a reader


Wait…got something :joy:

This is an April Fool’s joke, I knew that from it being April 1st and remembering that they (Ed Boon) said no to these character


Already working on a Injustice 2 Harley Quinn Artwork :stuck_out_tongue:

What do u think ?^^ Face isnt finished yet


Since no one post it,so


Actually looks really good…and finished :laughing:

Very good job :slight_smile:

I swear @garratose did but in the SSR Thread


When you want to fart but the girl you like is right next to you.

Although,is pretty good,I would suggest you to put some of Maggie’s facial traits in this model.But this is a nice job.

Could I make you a request? I would apreciate.


new trailer ^^

im kinda scared to play against him because i already hate Sub Zeros Moves in MKX xD


Cool,gonna be chill playing as him.


WTF 1 of the best Super moves ever xDD

for me Harleys is still the best because Harley :stuck_out_tongue:


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