Injustice 2 Thread


im on PS4 so yeah maybe PC didnt have it yet :slight_smile:

Nope Darkseid didnt have one yet he count as DLC and DLC Characters didnt have a legendary Skin for now i really hope they will add some whit the TMNT Update end January. i really want to try to get the Legendary for Black Manta, Atom, Enchantress, TMNT and for sure Hellboy then :frowning: damn alot to grind :stuck_out_tongue:


I already try to draw my new Main Hellboy i love his Injustice Design so much :slight_smile:


Best DLC Character ever in a Fighting Game damn NRS really hv make the Turtles Perfect O.O


Still waiting for GOTY to go down


The Turtles in the new movies should have looked like these, but instead we get this:


@SledgePainter Here’s some real Ninja Turtles for you.