Injustice 2 Thread


oh god I’m so bad at this game


Anyone know why Injustice 2 hijacks my keyboard lighting scheme and how to turn it off?

There’s a steam community page that mentions it but it no longer is accessible, cached and not in the basic web archive thingy that I searched.



iv create the Injustice 2 Hellboy and Harley Quinn ( My 2 Mains ) in WWE 2K18 it isnt possible to ddo them perfect but i hv try my best :slight_smile:

if u wantt u can check it out ^^

The Graphic of the Game is amazing O.O i dont like 2K so much but they have done a good ob whit it :stuck_out_tongue:

btw im already working on my Legendary Gear for Harley Quinn :slight_smile:


I just got the Ultimate Edition of this game for Christmas!


awesome :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I was thinking about picking this game up. Any Darkseid players here who are willing to give tips? Or will I be TRS Forums’ first Darkseid player? :open_mouth:


just look at Youtube i think u will find some Darkseid Tutorials ^^ and yeah u dont do anthing wrong if u pick the game up for me it is the best Game 2017 :slight_smile:


I’ll have high hopes for it then! :smiley: But, as for ‘best game of 2017,’ it will have some stiff competition from Cuphead for me :wink:


Here is a tip don’t play Darkseid :wink:


I Finally got it O.O

After 5 Days of Grinding i finally got the Legendary Gear for Harley Quinn :slight_smile:
now i want 1 for Hellboy my other Main :stuck_out_tongue:


Now that you said that I’m going to only play Darkseid.


I’m thinking this is a joke, but if it isn’t, what’s so bad about Darkseid? He’s the only DLC fighter I don’t have (even though I bought the Ultimate Edition, I know he was the pre order bonus but most people had to pay $100 (I got mine on sale for $70), so I would’ve expected to receive all three fighter packs plus Darkseid, but ok).

So far, I am loving this game. I’m on chapter 2 of the story. I got thirty-three trophies already from winning matches with a certain fighter using a certain move (sometimes it was against a certain opponent) and doing other things in the game like joining a guild. I’m thinking about maining Atrocitius and Darkseid. Black Manta seems pretty cool, he was the first fighter I played as.


That’s super cool in WWE… when I played with my friends I made OJ Simpson with a big trench coat in the entrance and once he gets to the ring he takes it off and I tattooed “I did it” on his back. They thought it was hilarious but Hell Boy is way cooler than that


It was just a joke. Darkseid is from what I’ve seen generally considered either s tier or a tier


Game is pretty fun so far! I like Darkseid’s moves and playstyle. Usually I’m more aggressive in fighters but I often feel like NRS games are slow with bursts of high speed action, I think a slower, zoning powerhouse is right for me. :smiley:


I got three pieces of epic gear. But none of them are for Darkseid :frowning:


just play more and u will get some Epic Gears ^^ and check out the Multiverse because sometimes there is a World where u get like 5 Epic Gears or ur Main :slight_smile:


Got Darkseid to level 10, woo


Is this game a bit like mortal kombat or killer instinct?