Injustice 2 Thread


A Perfect win that i hv recordet a long time ago :stuck_out_tongue: This was my first perfect win Online against a non AFK Player

Poor Black Adam he was very bad at blocking my Combos


I think he is ok ( Scorpion in the first game was much annoying ) The only thing i hate against Sub zero is his Ice Clones and if they spamm that stupid Slide it feels like its unblockable -.-

But thanks god he isnt so broken like Aquaman, Superman, Deadspam and Black Adam i hope they will get a nerf in the August Update its already confirmed that we will see a Balance Patch in the Starfire Update ^^


Injustice 2 is on sale on the PS Store until July 17th at 12:00 PM EST/8:00 AM PST. Regular edition is $48, Deluxe is $60, and Ultimate is $70.

checks wallet for $70
sees only $20


Might be because I’m Dutch, but I wouldn’t call that a worthy sale xD


Regular edition’s sale isn’t that much. GameStop has it on sale for $40 until the 16th. The Deluxe and Ultimate Edition have good sales. You are getting extra items for the price of the regular edition by buying the Deluxe Edition, and with the Ultimate Edition, you’re getting all the DLC fighters plus some extra stuff for only $10 extra.


Eh it’s on sale for like 30% if it’s the same price as the US store. If it’s priced closer to the Canadian store (129.99 lol) then yeah it’s a good deal. But it’s like 2/3 the price of the base game for 1/3 the characters


Dude the Ultimate Edition comes with all nine DLC fighters. The Deluxe only comes with three. Basically you’re getting the Deluxe Edition for the price of the base game, and if you pay $10 more you’ll get the rest of the DLC cast plus some extra skins and gear shaders (colors).

And $130? Wow that’s a lot of money.


Starfire Trailer is out

btw Bizarro Premier Skin lleaked we will get more Premier skins ^^


The Balance Patch will be great
Aquaman nerfed, Black Adam nerfed, Swamp Thing buffed, Atrocitus nerfed
i think Deadspam and Superman got a nerf too

But sadly my most hated Character Wonder Woman got a Small buff too -.-


Any word on this coming to PC?


OMG I cant believe it i got my most wanted Character O.O HELLBOY IS IN THE GAME!!!

If his Gameplay is great and he isnt hard to play he will be my 2nd Main :stuck_out_tongue:


No static shock? Me MAAAAAAAAAD…:imp:


Yeah Raiden is just a wasted Slot -.-


Ugh mortal Kombat characters :angry:


I want killer croc… and Constantine


Eh I don’t really mind not having croc . Constantine would be cool but personally I want Raven and and not with a goofy robot voice like in Injustice 1


Constantine still might be a possibility.

I had got a banner with him on it from a Motherbox. I don’t see why he would be on one of those and not be in the game


Yeah Constantine is still possible but Killer Croc is already deconfirmed by a Dev and because i think Hellboy is the big silhouette ^^

i still hope its Rorchach and not Constantine and the Female Enchantress


All I want is Doomsday for this game.


I miss Doomsday and Lex Luthor so much they was so fun to play in the First Injustice but sadly it will never happend :frowning: I hope if we get a Injustice 3 they will make a return ^^