Injustice 2 Thread


Mr Freeze is finally Mr Freeze he finally got a Helmet. O.O

Its awesome how NetherRealm listened to the Fans. Is not his real Helmet but its much better as nothing ^^



‘‘Yes I will because I’m the joker!’’


I just had a awesome thought,NRS could give a “Jor-El” gear to Superman,imagine how cool that would be


PSN has me IP banned =~=
Still have yet to try my Red Hood -.-

I hope this issue will be fixed soon :T


Why they banned you?


Well, thing is. I aint the only one O.O
That’s why just gonna wait it out until they fix it cus I ain’t done nut’n wrong <…<

Haven’t even gone on the thing for a while cus I’ve just been waiting for Red Hood =~=


Not gonna lie red hood was not my thing I did not like him


Swamp Thing might be your forte if you liked grundy. Swamp Thing is a really tough character to learn though but a cool move set. Red Hood is fun but not my cup of tea I don’t see him filling my top 3 spot. It’s GA, Flash, and then a TBD between Bane, Grodd, Scarecrow, Harley, Black Canary, Cold.


so I did a dumb thing and split the cost of the game with a friend for a console neither of us have, but we play when a ps4 having friend comes over. I really quite like it.

My favorite character is Swamp Thing, then in no particular order, Bane, Grodd, Atrocitus, and Scarecrow. Harley is a maybe too.


My fav. and my Main is Harley and then Brainiac, Grood and Joker
i already try to learn Grood because if u have some Combos whit him he makes a lot fun but he is very hard to play ^^

now im waiting that Black Manta finally get revealed ( and still hopes for Beast Boy , Hellboy or Terra ) :stuck_out_tongue:


I main Harley as well. Followed by Darkseid. Harley is just the most fun to play


I’m definitely going to buy the complete edition for pc, provided they make one of course. I only wish they had grundy or killer croc. That being said, I’m so glad I like multiple characters this time round. I literally only played Grundy well in the first game. Now I have plenty to enjoy.


I played some injustice 2 with a couple friends today. I like blue beetle but holy fuck was I getting rickety rekt. I had one good round where a friend wasn’t playing that seriously and I managed to take out a bar without him hurting me and then he got serious and took out both of my bars before I could kill him.


comebacks are real in IJ2. Blue beetle is cool, but he seems hard to use.


Probably also helped that my friends played hours of injustice and I’ve had like 10-20 hours total over the course of multiple fighting games like MK, Injustice, Tekken etc.

I really liked his mace hand attacks lol. Boom across the arena and then bounces back right at my feet.


he’s neat, though I don’t know much about him. I ended up maining Bane by accident. I distinctly like Injustice fighting controls. It feels like it was made just for me. I would have liked MKX more if the commands were a little more player friendly like in Injustice, but I suppose that wouldn’t be Mortal Kombat. I still enjoyed it though. I actually have zero natural aptitude for fighting games though. I Have to practice stuff twice as long as most folks.


My friend did a 1k combo on me using bane lol.


He’s pretty nasty. He was top tier in the first injustice if i’m not mistaken. Nasty combos and grapple chains. I like him alot, but he has no projectiles, so keep that in mind if you keep getting stomped by one. abuse range and you should be okay, unless they are well informed.


I don’t have a console so no injustice 2 for me and I don’t feel like playing Injustice 1