Injustice 2 Thread


Eh? But…you know that they are the same person,right?


clones actually she doesn’t have an S on her suit so she just has a giant hole…there


After i hv see some Online Gameplays it looks like Deadshot is the new Deadstroke -.- Already the Rank#1 Player on PS4 spamm whit him but anyways im still hyped for the Game u dont must play Online to have fun :stuck_out_tongue:


My bane is better than ever 10/10


Does any1 know if the Suicide Squad Harley Skin from the Mobile Version is in the game too ? ^^


Just you guys wait for my Superman,Red Hood and Darkseid.


Finally got the game and damn it makes so much fun O.O already got a little Harley Quinn Combo :stuck_out_tongue: but i must learn alot before i play online block is very hard in MKX it was better xD


Damn that Brainiac End-fight on the Multiverse is hard O.O much harder as corruptet Spam Shinnok in MKX

this is what i call a Bossfight :stuck_out_tongue:


i already hv just 16 Gears for Harley and still 984 left The Game is so awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


tfw you’ve only got a PC


Made a Dr Fate combo, he’s definitely my main


guys what do u think is Brainiac hard to play i really want to make him as my 2nd main love his design and voice ^^


I’ve always been a Green Arrow guy myself. Really like him and Dr Fate. Firestorm seems dope too. The gear system can make them look awesome


yeah the gear system is so awesome but sadly premier skins didnt have gears i really wanted to make Mr. Freeze or Grid as 1 of my mains but its just boring if u cant change look the Gear system is what that Game makes so awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


Scarecrow has some of the coolest Gear in the Game :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice to see they’ve actually given scarecrow a decent appearance.



Red Hood Trailer Today ^^


For the people that played Mortal Kombat x before, is injustice 2 better?


for me Yes there are so many things u can do offline and the Online Mode is great too if u didnt play against spammer
The Characters, Stage Transition and Graphic is just amazing ^^ but everybody must try to find it out self :stuck_out_tongue: