Injustice 2 Launching May 16?


What do you think?


I think this is a set date :smiley:

Thank god! The hype is back!



best ultimate eva. and it made me cry because it reminded me of the cartoon episode.

and i liked flash before he was cool.


I wonder if it would have been sooner if it weren’t for Tekken 7… Tekken should be releasing in March which I am beyond excited for, both of these games actually.


Constantine or GTFO !


New trailer on Tuesday


Like any other game release day :stuck_out_tongue:


Thats the first day back of school for me :sob:


Releasing on the two year anniversary of Godzilla (2014)? Nice.

Doomsday or riot.


I think the first one was mediocre and a total let down. Can’t say anything about the second has done anything to not make me think it’s more of the same.


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