Initial feelings about Autobalance?


Figured I’d get a discussion going on it. What’s everyone’s initial feelings to it?


I think minions are too weak at zero balance.
And anything above a +/- 2 is impossible without wildly different skill levels. I mean, I’m pretty sure one time that I literally killed the Kraken 6 times over by myself on a +3 to monster hunt match. Though low and behold at the end of the round it claims I only did 5k damage…and I can guarantee I did far far farrrrrrrrrr more than that. If it was normal and the kraken’s health/armor was just higher…wouldn’t surprise me to have seen at least 2 of my weapons over 20k damage alone.
As for 2 auto balances, this is an extremely hard barrier to overcome, but it can be done, I’ve done it a few times on both sides, but probably not with any kind of impressive result.
The effects of a single auto balance are hardly felt…in fact I’m not totally sure anything changes.

If it were up to me…I think I’d buff minions at zero balance to be a bit more tanky and rescale so that the changes at 2 auto balances are the new 4.

Agree? Totally different experience? Words?


And you still won? Then auto balance needs to be buffed even more, the point is to at least try to even the gap by compensating skill with more damage and damage resistance.


Nah we lost that. We got it down to half a bar of health and the monster player even openly admitted that he was not only terrible but surprised that he wasn’t dead too.