Ingame characters stats


Hy folks, i want to discuss a thing about the hidden info about the characters in Evolve.

Isn’t it a good thing to let people know the details about the hunters/monsters?
I’m not a veteran in Evolve, Stage 2 is my first contact with it and i’ve about 60h of gameplay and i still remember the difficulties i faced in the first 20 levels.

My first doubts was: How much this goddamn Lazarus heal? What’s the dmg difference between Torvald’s and Parnel’s shotguns? How much shield can i give with Hank? And the other Hank? wutwutwut? So a new player has to face a custom game in order to see what the damn hunter do. If they want to actually know it, cuz i see people playing emet and not using his beacon at all!

So you guys could throw info at us and we would be able to actually make decisions based on that info rather than buy a hunter to discover it’s not what you thought.

An example:*
Primary Weapon: does 100 damage and leaves a mark on the target that gives 15% more damage at that spot
Secondary Weapon: Heals 1 target by 70 H/s at a maximum 50m.
Hunter Skill: Tranquilizer Dart that slows your target movement speed by 20% for 10 seconds showing his position.
Class Skill: Healing wave 400 for teammates and 350 for yourself - 25secs cooldown

Style: Val is a good at single target healing and blablabla but relies on a good support when focused.

Rogue Val:
Primary Weapon: 75 dmg and has 3 shots
Secondary Weapon: Heals 1 target by 70 H/s or 2 by 35 H/s at a maximum 25m.
Hunter Skill: Tranquilizer Dart that poison your target dealing 200 dmg in 10 seconds, showing his position.
Class Skill: Healing burst of 330 for yourself instanctly - 30 seconds cooldown

Style: good dmg output among the healing class. Can manage herself while focused due to her ability to self heal 70%. Heal potential not as good as other healers.

*They’re examples, so don’t come rage at me about now knowing what i’m talking about characters, please!

So IMO with that kind of info everyone could do better since we understand more about the game. Obviously it’ll not heal every problem, but at least people will have knowledge to discuss in the lobbies when somebody ask for a defensive comp like Hank - Val.

Note: I’m not saying here that it’ll teach people how to play, how to dodge and how to position in the game, but at least they’ll know that a offensive comp is harder to pull off than a defensive one. They’ll know Hank will be less useful if paired with Rval since she’s not the best healer. They’ll know the difference between Markov and BMarkov just by reading rather than failing.



Yeah I do agree, knowing just what you’re doing with your abilities is important to understanding how to play that character.

What I’d love to see I’d the kind of thing they have in smite (and probably other mobas) , where you can add items to your character to see how it modifies your stats, in evolves case with perks


Totally agree, this proposal should actually get more attention , it would be really helpfull if we saw the numbers and how perks affect them without having to manually test and calculate.


Yeah it’d be awesome if the devs and mre actually could see it!
You guys could create a similar and link it so we get more people to realise this xD