Infravision and you

so you’re probably asking yourself what the hell did i smoke when i was making this thread, i know what you are probably thinking:
infravision? Pff haha, the worst minor perk in the game, go get afterburners you twat.

what if i told you,this is probably the best defensive perk you can ever get as a support/trapper? you know the most common monster in pubs you will ever face? goliath and meaty. guess what their biggest weakness is.pillar circling.

im sure you watched people playing tag with the monster behind a pillar when they are the only one left alive right? how unbelivably frustrating it is for the monster noticing that his traversals cant do shit cause he will just be ramming against the pillar, and he cant leap smash neither cause it will do the same, he can only charge and fire breath, in order to close the distance, and chip you out.

however in this game of tag, the monster can go the other way, and suprise you, so it becomes an psychologycal battle where you must always guess and predict right where the monster is coming from.Your ears,Your self-control,and your mind will be put to the test, and when you guess wrong, the monster wins.

you know a way to always know if the monster is going the opposite direction to get you? this!


most pillars in the game are not that much longer than 18 meters,which is bloody perfect! this perk will heavly increase your chances of survival during a pillar circle contest with OG.

ive survived for like 1m - 1m 30s in pubs just by doing this,when i was the last one alive, and i can tell you boy, this perk made all the difference than any other perk in the game ever did to me,games that were lost became winnable.

most minor perks of hunters are bloody useless on their own,they are only useful if they are combod with others of the same kind, the only useful perks on their own are:Gunslinger,Afterburners and Infravision!.

so what counters pillar circling you might ask? Hahahahah, perks that can make the monster close the distance on you of course! we are talking:Move speed,slow perks,grounder,and fly swatter(in certain pillars), can make this strategy straight out useless, and make OG catch up with you but…

who the hell runs these perks? thats right nobody! they will favor damage,brawler,feeding perks, and CDR. so take advantage of this! use infravision! be a hero! make that epic comeback!

trappers that are very good with infravision are:the jackal,abe,maggie.

maggie can keep planting traps on the side slowing the monster,abe can just throw a nade at the pillar,and the monster will cry trying to get you,and the jackal can repulse the monster if he gets too close, giving him breathing room.

edit:dont forget to planet scanner if the monster closes the distance on you!, the ms boost will be enough to make you distance yourself from the monster,this will give you time to recharge 2 jetpack boosts, making this essential.

very good supports with this are:sunny,Baca,kala.

sunny, can just keep throwing her annoying tanky drone,kala can distract the monster with teleports(and even escape from that situation),and baca can cloak himself and migrate to other pillars, in case hes in trouble.

lastly, this will NOT be as effective with all the OTHER monsters! heres why.

  • krakken: can simply plant banshee mines at the pillar and vortex your face,as well as beeing able to control his lighting strike,oom no more pillar circling.
  • kelder: same thing, he can just death spiral the pillar,and keep circling the pillar faster than you.
  • gorgon: this will only work once and IF it works, as she can just plant a spider trap at the pillar,and if she websnares you, and you dont predict it, youll be in serious trouble.
  • wraith dosent lose any movespeed when moving and she has the fastest traversal on the short run in the game, as well as beeing able to teleport at any direction unlike other monsters,she can easly catch up with you with 3 dashes,throw a decoy to panic you and block you off at one side, as she closes in by the other side to burst you.
  • bob:hah,dont even try it, he can lava bomb the pillar(huge aoe) and get you at the other side of it,fissure it, as it seems to go trough everything,or rockwall one side of the pillar, forcing you to either face him or go around the wall,and he can control his his turning while rolling very well, barely losing any momentum while turning.

This might not be very effective in competitive or pre-mades where everyone knows what they are doing , but in PUBS? this is a godsend!

thanks to @monkeybot for your guide on “Evolve Stage 2: pro tips how to survive (goliath)”, you gave a breath of hope in my pubs,games where once completely lost,could be turned around.

heres the link to his guide: click here


It’s also a build called Cabot see’s all.


I’m glad to be of service. But yes your right this isn’t needed in competitive play as your team mates can communicate where the monster is going. in pubs in the other hand it could be very useful.

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Just too bad it is still bugged and doesnt work all the time :frowning:

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i had this in 1 of 12 matches, its very unlikely.

Next week we’ll be getting additional effects on infravision and I guess health regen, so that’s good news for you

I think your wrong though when you say nobody uses Fly Swatter or Grounder perks. They’re easily some of my favorites. Slow I can only see being useful if double stacked (slows hunters by 70% for 4 seconds).

I go crippling + grounder as a wraith player it makes decoy and SN not useless.

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Crippling works on Phantom/Decoy?

I dunno but if you hit a target send decoy after it then it’ll actually deal some damage maybe a melee or 2 and you can pair it with SN for some decent burst.