Information Overload

I have so much of Evolve in my head. I can remember their full name the abilities of all the monster the weapons of all hunters, adaptions and most of the wildlife. But I can’t find ONE trivia quiz to test my skillz. Can someone give me a test to test my skillz please?


You have the internet though :confused: Lol

An Evolve trivia quiz? I’d like that :smile:

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An app for that would be awesome though!

Yes I do BUT it says their there but they aren’t and that makes me mad and upset

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Well time to make a suggestion thread lol

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So I mean I found a website for making quizzes but idk what you want to be tested on .-.

Name of the Hunter from the Evolve Concept Artbook who is standing in the first row and he is last in that row?

Lol! :laughing:

I believe that’s maggie

Anything you could think of that i might no know

well last? or last last?..
cause daisy is considered part of the team so that makes her the last one in that row…<.<…

Are we talking lore or gameplay or what though o.o or just EVERYTHING

No way! You didnt cheat?

Lore and questions about characters like whats this person full name.

No I did not

Hmm, Maggie’s full name?

You derp I was about to put that in a question

Does this trivia thing include @Matthews extended canon stories?

Maggie and Daisy Lumumba