Information campaign


I’ve had an idea.
Ive been going around to sites that have reported on the elder kraken and have begun leaving information in the comments that displays actual information about evolve in an attempt to counteract the recycled misinformation that has been floating around for the last year or so.

I think that a bunch of us doing this occasionally can possibly lessen the effect that the negative missinformation has on people if the positive comments out number the negative.

Anyone else in on this?


I’ve been walking down residential neighborhoods janglin a dinner bell and screamin the glories of Evolve. I’ve been slamming garbage lids and reading the patch notes verbatim in the high streets.I wait under the beds of “townsfolk” until they lay down, then after an hour I try and start conversations with them about the metagame. I sponsor public wrestling matches with myself and my sense of self worth in town squares across the earth., all just to raise awareness about how far this lovely game has come. I corner people in public restrooms when they are trying to take their dumps, and pound on the stall walls until they tell me their favorite role.

I’m telling ya now, 9 times outta 10, they just don’t wanna hear it.
if you wanna give em some real advice, just tell em


such sweet sentiment, void :frowning:

but why should we have to advertise for the game a year after its release.

let their pr department take care of it and spend your time on something more fruitful. like. psychically pressuring tori amos to make a new album.