Inflated price of the game in Russia


Hello from Russia Turtel Rock Studio and forum user.
Not so long ago there was a pre-order the game, where there was an acceptable price for Russia (with a given rate of the ruble-dollar game would cost $ 23.24 in Russian). With the release of Big Alpha price risen to $ 32.54, which is much higher than the price in the US and European stores ($ 30). I do not know what a mathematician you follow the prices, but with the price policy for Russia is more than acceptable. I do not know the answer to my request or not, but I would advise you to change the price, since the desire to buy in Russia will not have many, too much with my friends. Although you may be specifically decided that it will eliminate the inadequate Russian on your servers, it is quite obvious. Although I note that in other countries is not adequate enough people.


This doesn’t seem like a problem that TRS can deal with, they can’t change the economy :S


Is this the price in USD? I tried using the Google currency converter, and $32.54 in Russian rubles is only $0.76 USD. $32.54 in USD should be 1400 Russian rubles… And if that’s what it’s going for, that’s about half of what we have to pay in the US. Seems like a pretty good deal to me. :slight_smile:


Exactly. Sam just thought it was still a problem in the publisher, not the developers :S
I thought that the developer has direct contact with the publisher to decide such matters, especially when the TPS know how russian community loves their previous game Left 4 Dead.


Sorry, I often just combine TRS and 2K. But even still, I don’t think it’s something that 2K could fix in a reasonable manner unfortunately.


I’m from CIS and it costs 29.99$ here. Game didn’t have Pre-Order option before Big Alpha even came out. Don’t know what “acceptable price” you’re talking about before the release of Big Alpha.


What are all you lot talking about? Game costs 60 dolars, 30 is a ripoff.