Infinite Warfare/Battlefield 1 Thread


So far there have been a lot of leaks and it will be revealed on May 2rd. A mysterious video had also shown up on the Call of Duty youtube channel.
Also a leaked image from Canada.

Battlefield 1 Section


Nevermind, I’m stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not a huge CoD fan, but I like the direction they’ve been heading. I’ll be interested to see where this goes :smiley_cat:


I… I hate this with a passion.

I mean, 80 bucks for a small little video game which gets most of it’s content from 4 small 15$ DLCs, which alone would 60 bucks (50 if you’re crazy enough to buy the season pass.), the total sum for all that would be 130/140 dollars!
that’s highway robbery!


You do know that’s Canadian currency, right?


The legacy edition also comes with COD:4.


still would sum up to over 100$.

also COD 4 will not make me fork over 120 fucking bucks!


It’s not going to make you do that. It’s still $60 and $100. Same as they did the last games.


nah, just give me the stand alone COD4 please.


That most likely won’t happen. They have to sell their game.


the only thing they’re selling at this point is the fucking supply drops.


On BO3, yes. But that’s all Activision’s doing.


it was in AW, too

chances are, it will be in this one considering on how many people actually bought them (and most of it is likely funding this game, unlike 343i, which is graciously giving all of their money earned from players buying REQ packs on H5G tournaments.


I hope they do sell the MW series, i loved those games, but i wont be buying infinite warfare


My opinion aswell as papa Jev.

And the proffesional one.


BO3 will be the last CoD I buy. I mainly got it for Zombies because I love it. BO3 with supply drops with weapons is the wrong direction, Activision is too greedy. It’s not fair for people who don’t buy the Cod Points. I’m not buying this CoD…


There is no $60 version of the game. $80 for the normal game+cod4, and $100 for collectors edition. Too much money. Not going to buy it unfortunately, unless Activision remaster Cod4 by itself, I’m out.


I honestly don’t understand why activision is doing this.Cod has been a train-wreck the past years and people are pretty much only flaming it.All they ask is for old remasters and new games at old times.Yet every single game coming out is futuristic.

Like…why? I don’t even play cod i only played MW2 so i don’t really care but…why? What’s the point on making the exact opposite of what your fans are asking?


If Infinite Warfare has exo suits, wallrunning or fantasy weapons, I’m not going to get it. I’m sick of COD being futuristic (as many people seem to be).

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I just don’t enjoy the futuristic CODs like I enjoyed Modern Warfare and World at War. Until they return to WW2 or modern warfare, I’m done with COD.


Trailer dropped only 10 hours ago. Looks really impressive.


At 2:31, is that a GETH!?