Infinite Shield Drone


I was playing a game of Hunt with the Behemoth on Barracks. I had downed the medic and the assault and the trapper ran away so I decided to stealth pounce Sunny so she couldn’t run. She had a shield drone down but I figured I could break through it eventually. However, that wasn’t the case. I was pounding on her while she was pounced, and the shield broke… and then immediately recharged with a full charge and shielded her again. I broke through about 4 shields without touching Sunny’s health before I just let her go and broke the damn thing.


O_o this MIGHT need to be fixed… SOON…


i think in some cases it might be possible to deploy new shield drones while getting pounced, if it works the same as markov mines.

or could be just straight up bug.


It wasn’t a new drone - it was the same drone that just kept sending out shields one after the other.


thats not a glitch they recharge by there selves and they protct the last person that got hurt by the monster


But do they recharge instantaneously?

When I said infinite, I meant infinite. If that’s not a bug, then it is a huge design flaw.


It recharges in chunks. So it wears out, you get a hit or two in and then goes back on. Currently the drone will outlast an assault’s shield because it is designed to negate focus fire. Easiest thing is to knock sunny away from drone and then pounce, or destroy drone and then pounce. Personally, it’s usually easier to finish sunny off outside of a pounce because the Drone is REALLY strong against focus fire.


yes they do


Well that’s dumb.


Which is its intent.
It’s useless if every attack goes to a different person.


Shield drones will keep applying as long as its active your best bet is to just take it out. Had a game where I was the last hunter got ponced and it took forever to get pounded out.


Personally I’d prefer that the drones have more of a cool-down between shields, with some cooldown between placing drones.


I never said I was against intent or purpose. I was explaining how it worked.


I never said you were against it.
I was simply stating that the way it should stay.
need some kind of counter for pounce. :smiley:


then it would be pretty bad the drone is easy to counter…

hit someone … burst ure main target…hitsomeone … burst ure main target


Yes, but it was impossible to get a hit in between shields. I get that they are easily destroyed, but this shield drone was charging much faster that any other one I’ve fought. The recharge time was literally between hits on a stealth pounce. I’ve never seen it so fast before.


But you saying that you want it to stay that way indicates that I disagreed with the practice or was in favor of changing it, which I’m not. I’m not sure what you are trying to say here.


Unfortunately it could very well be subjective without a video. The amount of time to pounce someone that is under the effect of that AND being stage 2 is almost 30 seconds. It takes a long time.


No more implying that OP wouldn’t like it staying.
since he was the one who waited for pounce to kill her.


I still understand what you are trying to do. The OP mentioned that he didn’t think something worked the way it is supposed to. I explained the mechanics behind it. You tell me that I don’t think it should be that way?