Infinite load screen,Wraith in coop,Host disconnects



How did this happen to me?
At first I’ve played few Custom arena games,then I went for coop vs ai to make my daily
first one or two went as expected,Then I got 4-7x along with other people ‘host disconnected’ error message and got returned to main menu
After that every game I played was vs Wraith bot
So I won 4-5 games vs wraith

but then there was ‘deepest dark map’ in rotation where one expect queen gorgon to be enemy.
Because bug wanted Wraith to replace queen error occured and loading took endless time
I ve recorded about 15minutes loading and then killed process.

Music from 1 minute
Extreme precision from 8minutes
Best evolve jokes 12m:50s


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Btw this error is not that rare,fellow forum users mentioned this to happen to them yesterday.