Infinite jetpacks pls fix



Hunters all the time in the air ( pls fix perks for jetpacks hunters maybe buffed perks for monsters - Leg breaker ,
Fly Swatter , Grounder pls buffed this perks on monsters .In one game, I pick all three perk nothing helped hunters are always in the air


Only if they remove grounder fly swatter etc


Need to nerf jetpacks perks


Then remove the anti jetpack perks cause they broken and all is fine


Then it is better to remove all the perks


Those perks don’t really help because usually the hunter flies in the air for quite some time. You aint gonna hit him with melee there. And even if, it only lasts a couple of seconds.

All these Fly Swatter/Grounder perks aren’t actually helping you against flying hunters. Grounder helps against dodging hunters but that’s it.

I never had trouble with a hunter in the air. They all come dome eventually and then they are fucked.


I understand it can be difficult for novice monsters to deal with but man is it fun to sky hunter. I personally don’t have a problem with hunters doing this. To kill tinker bell you only need the major perk that reduces jet pack power by 70%. The other two perks can be something else



You just need to actually focus someone. It takes about two seconds of flight to get airborne to the point where melees cannot hit you. If the hunter you’re focusing gets two seconds of free reign, you’re doing something wrong.

Even if they do all monsters bar Behemoth have several ways to get someone down, even from a very large height. Tinkerbell is not as good as people think.


You could use some traversal perks to get to flying hunters easily and slam them down before they get flight. But everyone knows that those kind of perks isn’t useful in late terms.


I never understood the amount of shit that the tinkerbell setup gets from Monster players.

It doesn’t come close to the ridiculousness of reducing jetpack thrust that Monsters can choose as a perk imo.

  1. Actually getting to a high enough elevation level takes about 5 seconds and even with the maximum tinkerbell perk you’ll still have already burned through 40-50% of your jetpack fuel.

  2. You’re slow as fuck in the air. Against a good Monster you’ll still need to use a jetpack thrust once in a while which completely nullifies the whole point of the tinkerbell build since the cost of a jetpack thrust is not reduced.

  3. One tiny bit of knockback - be that from a heavy hitter like a Rock Throw or even something weak like a mid-air heavy melee hit - will knock you down to the ground.

  4. Once you’re out of fuel, you’re absolutely fucked.

Tinkerbell is a crutch perk setup for people who can’t roach around obstruction to dodge the Monster instead.
I’m not saying it isn’t strong, but I have never had as much trouble against tinkerbell Hunters as I have against a fully stacked Fly Swatter + Grounder perk Monster.


Just disbanced for hunters , coming soon update nurf hunters buff monsters


zzzz… hunter keep getting nerf like crazy on the perks and still the monster complain like asshats till today…


win by jetpack is not a game .


Monster must be stronger