It’s only been more than 3 Years and I have no idea what’s going on.

They’ve been so quiet for all this damn time. Some say they’re working on a new IP, some say the next InFAMOUS game is “Western” styled.

They were a no show at E3 this year but there is still Sony’s Expo in December 9 or 10 and they’ll be in South East Asia, very interesting.


Hm. Wasn’t aware there was any intent to make anymore. Really enjoyed Infamous 2 but thought Second Son was pretty crap.


Second Son invited new changes, the one single thing that I thought was crap was Concrete.

Story Length:
10 hours is long enough
Story Strength: Impacted when Reggie died. Was going to say spoilers, but ffs it’s 3+ years old!
Gameplay: The only thing I could actually think/find that was shit was that Concrete didn’t have many utilities, not even a Karma Bomb.

But hey, what ever your Opinions on it, please share!

It’s one of SPP’s best sellers Sly Cooper being another so why would they shut everything down on Infamous? It’s a fun game and people love it, I would agree having a 10th game would be overboard and would be getting stale long before that

But I’m not sure if they are making another game, these are rumors. Like another rumor I remember hearing is that they plan to make a new IP and sell off Infamous to someone who wants it


Aren’t they working on the next Spiderman game ? I’m not sure but i though it was them.
EDIT : Don’t listen to me ^^


Story length was good and strength was a little faint until Reggies death which is a little bit late. I thought Abi was a well developed character (and I really enjoyed the DLC standalone with her) but the other guy Eugene, I think his name was? Really under developed and cliché. I know they were going for the nerd who gets picked on has a power surge and beats bullies thing, but that’s been done to death and it’s was really awkward to experience.

I feel like Karma had a larger impact in 2 than Second Son. Only thing that stands out to me from memory which was impacted heavily by Karma in SS was the end where you go back to Akomish. Whereas in 2 I remember constant decisions between your two women, each choice giving you different powers, and there was your choice with Zeke and, ultimately, the Beast. Now, I’m sure there were more choices to do with Karma than I remember from Second Son, but the fact that I remember more from a game that I played like 2 years prior says something.


This was my shit. Band of the Thieves was the best game I played on PS2.


That was Insomniac Games :wink:

I mean…If I ever gave that thought I’d say Infamous 2 has the better Karma choices. Either Zeke Dies or not, either you have the beasts powers or not. Then you can choose a completely different power Napalm/Ice.

While in Second Son (I’d have to revisit the game, I’ve never played it unfortunately, but I played 2 a lot like 8 times over a lot) I just normally see color change, foreplay with Fetch (lol) and either you kill or let Augustine live


Concrete was lame, and we never got paper which was also lame.


when can we get another? and will we see more of sly? when did he end up? why does it seem no one i speak too know of this franchise?


Sucker Punch announced their latest title “Ghost of Tsushima” so I wouldn’t expect them to be working on anything but that until it’s released. Take note that they wouldn’t begin working on another game for a little bit after its release


I thought Sony owned Sucker Punch?


I’m not actually sure to be honest. It says that it’s their Parent company


Yeah, true Infamous 2 was very nice. Everyone thought that there will be another series coming up this year. Also the best game I have played on PS was Destiny till now, I really liked that game it was cool, after the subscription on PS4 I got this game at a really cheap price from this website.


People thought it would be a Western themed Infamous. I liked that idea

Also really wanted another Delsin storyline with even more powers which is why I thought it was taking so long.

We’ll see how Ghost of Tsushima goes