Indoctrinating new converts into the Holy Church of Evolveism


With TU09 coming within a month or two, that which deterred people from this game is to be done away with. No more will noob hunters find a “running simulator,” for they will have an easier time finding their quarry and the monster will be discouraged from the FT3 strategy. Yet a sour taste is likely to be left in the mouths of the masses, and I do not imagine many people will simply flood back to this game; they probably won’t even know this has happened.

Furthermore, the DLC scandal will still remain. People will continue to turn to this and say, “No, this is a bad game.” These claims are wholly unjustified, but the general public is blind to this fact; largely because of the colossal bandwagon that hates on this game.

And then there’s just the misconception that this game is entirely dead. People will just say, “Why bother? Nobody plays this game.” It’s gonna be a hassle to get anyone to put aside this notion; though, should this challenge be overcome, the game will most certainly not be dead with a host of new players.

How do we bring people back to this game? How do we win over the non-believers, the salty scrublords, and the bandwagoning masses? We’ll be 100% right in what we say, as we have been all this time, but how do we show them the light? How do we make Evolve great again (preferably without having to build a great wall; that’s Behemoth’s job)?


With a good sense of ads, it can show off the new stuff in the game.

The fact that any game with little to no changes will die out, but if TRS can keep supplying content (they have through T1-T3 variations) then the game will stay healthy.

As for those DLC mishaps, people need to realize that it’s a sad excuse for hating the game, and developers would discontinue development after the first 6 months.

I hope that the ads work and will freshen up the playerbase.


Yes, but what can we do? How do we bring people back? TRS will do whatever it does, but ads can only convince people of so much; and they won’t explain that this is a game you need to take the time and get good at in order to enjoy it.


A free weekend could also go a long way after the tu hits and has had a micro patch or two depending on how the community goes with the changes. A free weekend even now stands a strong chance of getting thousands upon thousand of players on at all times. Really get some new exposure to the new game.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re already planing on this though.


Didn’t the last free weekend go really well?


Honestly, Its all down to how much 2K put in to it. Don’t get me wrong though I think a huge part of it is the current community not showing weakness toward it and being a positive as possible by letting people know what they know.

I think marketing is the key and you just want to draw hype which I think is going to be the best way of getting people to just say “Ill give another go.” I know Ill do my best to do my part and so should everyone else.

They will have a strategy so this update doesn’t go unseen but will be intresting to see what that strategy is! :smile:


Freequel. Nuff’ said.

Seriously though, new ads would help draw attention to how much the game has changed.
Maybe monthly free weekends for a period of time. Let people get a feel for TU9 first hand.


A free weekend after TU09 is out and is definitely free of any crazy bugs or huge balance issues would be a great idea.


The free weekend got people to play the game again but how many of them bought it and still play? Judging by steam charts, none. It’s only the truest or the die hards. (I know, i know, Evolve on console is booming)

Seems like something more is need than just “hey guys, remember that game that came out over a year ago that everyone hated for sport and buried? Well, we totally made it better now and you should play it. What’s that? No, we still have all that DLC but you guys should lighten up and just buy it.”

How can they bring this game back from the dead? My favorite idea is Free To Play. I mean how many copies are they selling nowadays? I bet at this point they’d make more off skins and selling characters.

Once Evolve has a reasonable player base (more than a 24 hour peak of 234). Then 2K could try to make it seem like the eSport game everyone (or maybe just me) wanted to be.


Okay let’s say for the sake of saving time that they do fix the problem with the learning curve for the game, and they don’t go free-to-play.

They can maybe:

  • Make an awesome ad, showcasing changes and the free content of the base game. They need to really push on the free stuff.
  • Do a free weekend, don’t know how that’ll work on console. But on PC we got like 50k people on the second day of the event.
  • but please no more creepy ads of a huge guy trying to eat DB (I miss DB Sinclair :frowning: )
  • Monstrously cut the price down, I’m thinking something big like down to entry level price range.
  • Multiplayer only starter pack/edition seem to be on the rage right now, these games are typically sold at 10-20 USD and only feature multiplayer modes or in R6S a slower progression system. Having something like that with only QuickPlay or Hunt could work too.
  • Make tier 4 or at least their adaptations, free with the standard game for buying it during the event.
  • Talk about future free content.
  • Get rid of the “Hunting Season Pass” nonsense, most people aren’t smart enough to understand what it means.
  • Name them something simple like “Squad-Drod: Behemoth” and “Squad Drop: Miley”, or anything cool like that.
  • Or just make one simple GOTY edition and bloat that up.
  • Talk about how sexy the characters are, a little sex appeal goes a long… way.

Also maybe try to get cross over characters with other 2K IPS, getting attention from that might garner some interest.


All hail the Freequel.

I think the best and easiest thing we can all do is play the game. I know at this point, most of us don’t anymore but after the freequel drops we need to be the core of the community on which people build around.


Everything past the second bullet is completely off in my eyes.

@SirKeksalot The free weekend breached 10k players.


I pledge myself to the Holy Church of Evolveism, and, with all power invested within me by this Church and my Day One experience, shall smite all that hate the mighty Church of Evolveism, and destroy all who oppose High King Turtle Rock! raises sword



I think Evolve is the greatest game ever created. Never in my life have I had so much fun playing anything else.


I can’t even fathom going as long as some of you guys when you say “I haven’t played Evolve in over a month” or 3 months or whatever.

Me going a while is like 12 hours.


I feel shame when I say it’s been 5 months since I really played it… :pensive:

I’ll definitely play a lot when TU9 is up though.
I love the game and I actually really miss playing it.


In the meantime spread the word around about the changes etc to your other gaming communities, forums etc.
Just stay positive and spread the word around. We 'll build this up step by step again don’t lose your head over it :wink:


This is me too. I hate that most of the people I played with have moved on, its like “am I the only one who can play a new game without abandoning what I played before it?”

Yes I have Overwatch, my friend bought it also so that is what we play most, but once he logs off its back to Evolve for me. (He has evolve too but is horrible at it so he “hates it”)

I really wish there was an easier way of getting people into this game besides holding their hands for 10hrs or so until they learn the basics.

I actually bought the game for another friend who “hated it”, turns out he just ucked really bad, so I played at his house a few days and you should have seen his face the first time he won a match as meaty! Ya “hated it” hey? LOL.

I almost feel as if Evolve needs a beginner mode, similar to arena but with prompts to do every action, something that actually teaches them to play the game and each role.
Maybe just a tutorial for each class instead of just assault.

I mean who wouldn’t have figured out assault? Its pretty basic, trapper would have been a better choice for a single class that you need to know how to use.

And this could go a far way to make the game popular.
Create a tutorial for each class and put it on PSN as a freebie/demo.

Make the demo be online so you can learn with a friend or two, then maybe they would buy the game together too?

Nothing else can speak for this game as loud as the feeling you get by playing it properly, that is something worth more then words can say.

Make the demo just have 1 monster, maybe dont make it goliath, make it a DLC character so people have incentive to buy DLC, I suggest Behemoth.

This not only leads to better players buying the game, but groups of friends buying the game, and this leads to an instant community feeling.
Ask anyone why they buy COD, the answer is always “because my friend is getting it”


The problem however i think is 2k itself… i kinda felt discouraged lately by the flop of battleborn even though it’s a great game, with big projects and support by gearbox, and i was wondering… will 2k do the right thing with evolve this time?
This is what i Fear…