Individual stats a cool addition?

If this exists in the game and I just haven’t found it, please tell me lol.

I think it would be cool if there was a section in the game where we could see our own personal stats all organized. Like who we play as the most, who we have the best ratio with, maybe something like accuracy or bullets fired or headshot %. Some other games have these types of stats and I’m always interested to know mine. I know some of this stuff is in the leaderboards for each character, but it would be cool to see it condensed together. For example I would love to see which characters I have the most time on, and which I have the most matches with. Just food for thought. It wouldn’t add anything to gameplay, but it would make a poor shmuck like me happy lol. Thoughts?

The Evolve Hunter’s Quest app has all this information. It can be downloaded on your phone, there is an online version of it however I don’t know the link nor the way to get to the site.

@Sentry_Gun Do you know how to get to the online version by chance?

So, nothing like that in game, as far as I know, but check out the Evolve game changer site.

Sadly, I don’t know :<

Actually guys I just found the majority of what I was looking for. In the profile page, under the global tab. It must have come with this update because it’s got division stats in it too, but it’s basically the page I was looking for.

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